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Request More Information About AOTMP University

AOTMP University is a cloud-based, on-demand telecom management learning platform that will help you build and optimize your team’s value to the organization by providing a standard set of telecom language, procedures, policies and best practices that will be understood across the organization.

Why AOTMP University?

Employees can access training on a 24/7 basis. Rather than having to wait for a scheduled on-site training session, employees can access their training anywhere, when it fits into their work schedule.

Boosts employee productivity and profits. Employees who are able to build new skills, develop existing skill sets, and gather new knowledge about products and services, see their on-the-job productivity improve.

Improves employee retention rates. Well-informed employees are happy employees. When corporate learners are given the information they need and are equipped with the skills that can help them perform daily work, they are more likely to remain with the organization longer.

Customized onboarding to improve on-the-job performance. AOTMP University boasts a customized onboarding process for each user to ensure training works specifically for them.

Ensures that employees are up-to-date with skills and professional knowledge. While many employees are offered onboarding training when they first join an organization, continual training offers them the ability to further develop their skills and expand their professional knowledge.

Choose from:

  • Professional certifications recognize top industry professionals and serve as an outward symbol of understanding, commitment to excellence and the use of industry standards and best practices.
  • Specialty Certifications correspond to different job functions within an organization and train staff in a specific job specialty.
  • Individual Courses based on knowledge gap and/or need.

Find out why hundreds of companies like Accenture, IBM, and General Motors have utilized AOTMP University and telecom management tools to streamline their processes and drive both cost savings and business results to their organizations.

“As a result of the contract negotiations portion of my training, I renegotiated my network contract 7 months early and was able to receive $40,000 in monthly savings and additional savings in long distance and teleconferencing rates. Our annual savings was over $420k!”
— Mark Brown, Data Communications Engineer, CIB Marine Bank

“The inventory management and cost control training was extremely useful. In fact, it’s the first training course track I’ve ever completed that actually helps me perform better at my job.”
Teresa Wampler, Telecommunications Engineer, Kindred Healthcare

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