Market Landscape: TEM Market Landscape 2018

Market Landscape: TEM Market Landscape 2018

Publication date: August 2018
Even though mobility, in particular, continues to create new levels of diversity and complexity within the enterprise, fixed and wireline assets remain crucial to an organization’s technology-fueled success. Indeed, overseeing telecom management with agility and insight has grown more imperative to an enterprise’s capacity to achieve business goals such as increasing market share – and that will not change. Organizations therefore must consider how TEM vendors are meeting their requirements. Relying on enterprise feedback gathered specifically for this decision-making guide, AOTMP Research & Advisory’s 2018 TEM Market Landscape highlights the top problems organizations want to solve now and over the next few years, and the vendors whose capabilities they say provide the best match.
This report does not rank vendors. Enterprises will want to use the information to assess current, and any pending, choices; vendors will want to evaluate their strengths against the competition and gauge possible areas of opportunity.

4TelecomHelpCass Information SystemsNetwork Control
AccentureCBI Telecommunications ConsultantsOne Source Communications
Alliance Communications ManagementCimplSakon
AsignetDimension DataTangoe
AvemaICOMMTeleBright Software Corp.
CaleroMDSLvCom Solutions

How AOTMP Research & Advisory Obtained Its Enterprise Data

AOTMP Research & Advisory gathered its insight from three main sources: enterprise telecom/mobility/IT management and delivery employees; responses obtained during the annual AOTMP enterprise summit; and ongoing enterprise relationships.

How AOTMP Research & Advisory Obtained Its Vendor Data

AOTMP Research & Advisory identified qualified vendors and invited them to take part in a two-stage data collection process – an oral discussion and visual presentation of their businesses, service models and technologies. During those briefings, AOTMP Research & Advisory looked for key, core capabilities with the realm of fixed/wireline telecom.

Key Themes in the 2018 Telecom Expense Management Market Landscape

What Enterprises Want from TEM
Enterprises tell AOTMP Research & Advisory they are looking for greater efficiency in two key areas – expense analysis and optimization – and a fair amount are thinking about moving to BPO.

Vendors Need to Clarify Options, Enterprises Need to Take Advantage of Them
Cost savings and the activities associated with them remain the leading reasons enterprises outsource to TEM vendors. But enterprises are still frustrated by the pricing and delivery model variances among vendors and solutions.

Enterprises Need to Understand Vendor Solution Differentiators
AOTMP Research & Advisory cannot overstate the need for enterprises to define the engagements they think will help them bring the most efficient management to their telecom environments. Such self-identification tends to ease the headaches associated with unmet expectations, gaps in statements of work, and absence of proper engagement and results with the TEM vendor of choice. No vendor is perfect for every enterprise environment out of the box. However, knowing up front how the enterprise wants to engage, and being clear with the vendor about what it wants from that relationship, will cut down on frustration.

Reporting Remains a Work in Progress, But It Has Made Progress
Enterprises want more actionable data in easy-to-understand formats. Oddly, while vendors are rolling out dashboards to meet these demands, enterprises still say they are not getting what they need. This will take time. On a positive note, though, AOTMP Research & Advisory is seeing more enterprises and vendors meeting in the middle in 2018 than in years past. The vendors that are satisfying clients’ needs are raising the bar for what their peers must deliver in reporting and analytics.

Inventory: Enterprises and Vendors Must Go Back to Basics
Expense analysis, optimization, procurement and MACD operations still rank as the core telecom management activities enterprises are outsourcing. However, insight into these areas often remains muddled because of a lack of accurate inventory. This issue goes back years and tends to come about because the enterprise, with or without a TEM vendor’s help, has not established a thorough baseline of all the communications assets and services it owns.

Audit & Optimization: A New Class is Emerging
The TEM industry is rooted in its ability to identify and secure cost savings through the detailed analysis of invoices against contracts. On the vendor front, providers are making some positive changes to avoid consistently large savings that actually indicate poor management.

Enterprise and Vendor Focus is Shifting Beyond Telecom
Enterprises increasingly understand the crossover between the telecom ecosystem and the emerging, next-generation technologies fueling digital transformation efforts. At the same time, TEM vendors are growing past their legacy roots and extending capabilities to new technologies such as cloud and SaaS deployments, which require the same management expertise as telecom.

A Market of Change
AOTMP Research & Advisory estimates 36 percent of enterprises will change TEM vendors at the end of their current contract term. This observation comes as M&A activity continues among TEM vendors, which many enterprises find concerning. Recent TEM vendor M&A, however, seems more centered on strategic growth and reinforcement of specific provider capabilities. The TEM vendors that place extra emphasis on service delivery, implementation and account management during the M&A integration period, and amid private equity ownership, should reduce client fears.

Why Enterprises Will Want This Report

This report exposes the enterprise to 18 TEM vendors, and the changes and enhancements coming from many of them. Because each organization operates in a unique way, no one vendor will fit all. Therefore, enterprises looking for a new provider should use the 2018 Telecom Expense Management Market Landscape to identify the vendors that best align with their principles and needs.
The 2018 Telecom Expense Management Market Landscape targets enterprise decision-makers accountable for performance results, as well as the other influencers responsible for the fixed telecom management environment within the organization.

Why Vendors Will Want This Report

Executives will gain visibility into market maturity, enterprise requirements and partnering opportunities. Research and development and product managers will come away with insight into market demand for solution capabilities that will help them set development roadmaps.
Finally, sales and marketing experts will learn about enterprise demand and opportunity to accelerate business growth. Importantly, this report does not rank vendors.

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