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AOTMP Telecom Management Research

AOTMP Research & Advisory uncovers significant trends in the Telecom / Mobility / IT Industry and predicts future demand while addressing the needs and interests of enterprises and the vendors who support them.  The clarity and detail of the research is unmatched in the industry.  Information and data points from thousands of enterprise telecom, mobility and IT environments worldwide fuel the insights AOTMP Research & Advisory uses to help enterprises drive performance, efficiency and productivity, and to help vendors maximize their potential in the industry they serve.

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A Research & Advisory Subscription is the key to success for both enterprises and vendors who want to gain knowledge and insight into telecom, mobility and technology management markets, practices and industry standards in order to drive business results.

Vendors who might benefit from AOTMP Research & Advisory include: providers of products and services used in a fixed and mobile telecom environment and providers supporting enterprise telecom management practices such as services or software vendors, equipment or device vendors, carriers, operators or systems integrators and VARS.

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