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About AOTMP® Research & Advisory

AOTMP® Research & Advisory uncovers significant trends in the telecom, mobility, and information technology industry and predicts future demand while addressing the needs and interests of enterprises and the vendors who support them. The clarity and detail of the research is unmatched in the industry. Information and data points from thousands of enterprise telecom, mobility and IT environments worldwide fuel the insights AOTMP® Research & Advisory uses to help enterprises drive performance, efficiency and productivity, and to help vendors maximize their potential in the industry they serve.

Practice Areas

Independent and objective research for the modern telecom, mobility and IT management industry

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    Emerging Technologies

    This practice area explores trends, competitive landscapes and the impact of emerging technologies, including AI and AR, on enterprise telecom, mobility and IT environments. This practice area is supported by Kelly Teal, Senior Research Analyst.

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    This practice area explores trends, competitive landscapes and the impact of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendors on enterprise telecom, mobility and IT environments. This practice area is supported by Scott Lawrence, AOTMP® Analytics VP, Performance Insights and Kelly Teal, Senior Research Analyst.

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    This practice area explores various aspects of market sizing, demand forecasting, and enterprise adoption across the telecom, mobility, and IT industry. This practice area is supported by Scott Lawrence, AOTMP® Analytics VP, Performance Insights and Matt Swift, AOTMP® Analytics Performance Expert.


How does AOTMP® Research & Advisory provide me value?

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    Vendor Management

    Our research is designed to help you make the most out of your telecom, mobility, and IT environment–that includes improving your vendor management. Our research helps you stay on top of the latest trends involving vendors and how to manage them.

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    Initiative Planning

    From ideas to inception, our research helps strategic planners like you develop a sense of understanding before they begin implementation. With research topics that cover the breadth of emerging technologies, your strategic initiatives can be bolstered by the support of expert knowledge. 

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    Infrastructure Planning

    Infrastructure planning can be a daunting task without the support and knowledge backing it up. With our research, you can be rest assured in your decisions that your infrastructure plan is sound. Our research will help you develop confidence in your infrastructure.

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    Competitive Insight

    Vendors can utilize our research to gain valuable competitive insight. Our market landscapes feature profiles from the largest competitors in the industry. Leveraging our research to create new solutions can keep you ahead of the curve.

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    Market Awareness

    Leverage our research for market awareness. Utilize it to your advantage and provide valuable insights to your enterprise clients who want to switch vendors or simply want more information on a new solution. Generate leads and new business with our research.

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    Regulatory Education

    In the today’s geopolitical atmosphere, our research can help you weather the storms of regulatory change. With insights on the latest in data privacy, healthcare regulatory compliance, and data sharing, we provide valuable insights to both enterprises and vendors.

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Who is behind AOTMP® Research & Advisory?

Timothy C. Colwell
Executive Vice President
Efficiency First® Analytics

Stacy Hiquet
Chief Content Officer
Research, Advisory & Information Services

Scott Lawrence
Vice President, Performance Insights
Efficiency First® Analytics

Kelly Teal
Senior Research Analyst
Research & Advisory

Matt Swift
Performance Expert, Data Science
Efficiency First® Analytics

Ashley Kelm
SVP, Global Delivery
Enterprise Services

Clif Shumaker
Telecom Management Consultant

Andy Markle
Compliance & Regulations

Q1 • Q2 • Q3 2019

Research Agenda

January 2019

Switching TEM Vendors: How To Make It A Seamless Transition

Download Excerpt →

January 2019

Evolving Data Protection Laws That Will Impact The Industry

Download Excerpt →

February 2019

Five Considerations for Choosing an SD-WAN Vendor

Download Excerpt →

February 2019

Five Challenges to Digital Transformation

Download Excerpt →

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For both vendors and enterprises alike, Research & Advisory’s unique research to the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry can elevate your business practices.

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