About AOTMP® Research

Our research expertise in telecom, mobility, and IT management underpins everything we do to help change businesses for the better.

We excel in IT asset, IT service, UEM, and telecom and mobility management. So well, in fact, that we’ve been doing it for nearly two decades.

Our consulting and analyst teams play an influential role in informing the industry and helping global organizations manage digital transformation.

Consulting and Advisory

Telecom, mobility, and IT management excellence

AOTMP® Research’s consulting and advisory team understands your unique business challenges.

We help communications and digital service providers, private equity and infrastructure funds, governments, regulators, and carriers all over the world improve productivity, performance, and efficiency with our insight.

Our consulting and advisory research engagements include:

  • telecom and mobility policy change best practices
  • telecom merger and acquisition considerations
  • TEM/EMM market opportunity identification
  • spectrum allocation and management recommendations
  • high-speed and gigabit broadband introduction advice
  • custom content that smart city ambitions a reality

By harnessing our team’s collective knowledge, you can solve the industry’s toughest challenges and deliver tangible benefits to your organization.

We are passionate about telecom, mobility, and IT management research, and will rise to meet any industry challenge that stands in our way.

Practice Areas

Independent and objective research for the modern telecom, mobility, and IT management practices

IT Asset Management

IT asset management is essential for optimizing spend and managing usage – but it can be difficult for enterprises to perform. We help your team save money and support device lifecycles through unique perspectives and custom research that provides the tools you need to make more intelligent decisions.

IT Service Management

Backed by almost two decades of Efficiency First® Vendor experience, our team understands clients’ unique IT service management needs. Industry-leading data insights and analysis delivers service cataloging, request management, and incident management benefits to your organization.

Unified Endpoint Management

Secure and control desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets with one UEM solution. AOTMP® Research helps you make better decisions to create a connected, cohesive experience that addresses your unique device, data, and user security challenges.

Telecom/Mobile Inventory & Expense Management

As our traditional practice area, inventory and expense management is a significant part of our research and consulting capabilities. We are uniquely positioned to provide you and your organization with insights aligned to our proprietary Efficiency First® Framework and Center of Excellence principles.


How does AOTMP® Research provide me value?

  • collaboration

    Vendor Management

    Stay on top of the latest trends involving telecom, mobility, and IT vendors and how to manage them.

  • analysis-1

    Initiative Planning

    Support your strategies with proven, independent insights to ensure future success.

  • network-1

    Infrastructure Planning

    Grow confidence in your infrastructure planning by backing it up with almost 20 years of industry insight.

  • skills

    Competitive Insight

    Gain competitive knowledge, learn from the industry’s largest organizations, and create new solutions to stay ahead.

  • speaker

    Market Awareness

    Provide valuable insights, generate leads, and grow your business revenue with our research.

  • mace

    Regulatory Education

    Deliver actionable data privacy, regulatory compliance, and sharing best practices to your enterprise or vendor team.

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