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Elevate your industry standing with AOTMP®'s Efficiency First® Solution Self-Certification Program

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence. Now, you can differentiate your solution with a fast-paced, easy-to-execute process that aligns your solution to Efficiency First® Framework principles.

The Efficiency First® Solution Self-Certification Program allows you to certify your solution with a respected leader in the Telecom/Mobility/IT Management industry. Start your solution self-certification journey today to elevate your positioning in the marketplace.

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Why should I use AOTMP®'s Solution Certification program?


    To Prospects & Customers
    business requirements, performance objectives, and partnership expectations using guiding principles of the Efficiency First® Framework.

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    To Meeting or Exceeding
    Efficiency First® Framework defined performance expectations:
    • Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Service Level Objectives (SLOs), Service Guarantees
    • Customer Experience
    • Data, Reporting & Analytics
    • Business Value


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    Each of Your Solutions
    by securing the recognition of a trusted industry leader.

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You'll be asked to attest that your product/service adheres these Efficiency First® Framework principles:

Service-level agreements/objectives/guarantees: Vendor performance commitments must include three elements:

  • Definition of purpose and scope
  • Objective measurement criteria
  • Remediation for out-of-scope performance

Customer experienceVendor engagement practices must include four elements:

  • Definition of purpose and scope
  • An engagement model with defined resources (people, processes, and technology)
  • Validation of customer experience performance from the customer
  • Remediation for out-of-scope performance

Data, reporting, and analytics: Vendors that deliver source data, reporting, and analytics must include three elements:

  • Definition of purpose and scope
  • Validation of data, reporting, and analytics integrity
  • Remediation for out-of-scope performance

Business value: Vendor value deliver practices must include four elements:

  • Definition of purpose and scope
  • A value reporting model that uses standard measures to illustrate value delivered
  • Acknowledgement of value received from the customer
  • Remediation for out-of-scope performance

Upon completion of your application, you’ll receive an email containing all responses the AOTMP® Certification team is reviewing prior to preparing your certification credential materials.

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What categories can my solution become AOTMP®'s Solution Certified in?






To self-certify your solution, you'll be asked to...

1. Complete Online Application (plan on 30-60 minutes)

  • Describe your product/service
  • Attach marketing collateral
  • Describe your target market
  • Describe your sales/delivery/fulfillment process
  • Describe your standard service-level agreements/objectives/guarantees overview (as applicable)
  • Describe your customer engagement model
  • Describe your standard data, reporting, and analytics practices
  • Describe your standard business value reporting practices
  • Provide basic business information (number of employees, revenue, locations, etc.)

2. Submit Payment

  • Each solution application ($2,495)

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