Efficiency First® Framework

Solution Certification

Gain more exposure and credibility in the market while validating the performance of your product.
An AOTMP® Solution Certification helps you:
  • Increase

    market visibility by becoming Efficiency First® Solution Certified

  • Validate

    performance with a trusted and respected 3rd party leader in the Telecom / Mobility / IT Management industry

  • Differentiate

    your solutions in enterprise RFPs with Efficiency First® Solution Certification credentials

  • Illustrate

    commitment to excellence to your prospects, customers, and the market

  • Trust

    AOTMP® to validate your certification status with prospects and to promote your status to the market

  • Confirm

    alignment with technical, financial, and operational performance principles established by the Efficiency First® Framework

Businesses choose Certified Solutions because they know:

AOTMP®, an independent and trusted 3rd party, has validated solution performance.

The solution is aligned to the operational performance principles of the Efficiency First® Framework.

The solution has been analyzed and scored against a standardized performance scale.

Certification is not automatic or based on a relationship, it’s based upon performance.

The solution has been certified by clients and customers who validate the solution performance.

Vendors that subscribe to the principles of the Efficiency First® Framework enable the enterprise to improve efficiency and increase performance.

Solution Certification is based upon the Efficiency First® Framework

AOTMP® Efficiency First® Certified Solution vendors demonstrate a strong commitment to quality, accountability, innovation, and progress. Efficiency First® Solution Certified vendors have been certified by clients and customers to positively impact their respective telecom environments.

Businesses adopt the principals of the Framework and vendors align their products, services, and solutions to it. The Framework compliments ITIL, Six Sigma, Lean Sigma, and more.

Certified solutions align with the Efficiency First® Framework guiding principles of:

  • Operational Excellence

  • Financial Accountability

  • Technical Integrity

  • Business Results

When enterprises work with Efficiency First® Solution Certified vendors, they reap the benefits of:

Validated industry standards performed with tactical and strategic integrity

Increased technical and operational excellence and financial performance

Improved solution alignment to business objectives, promoting efficient execution for the life of the relationship

Strengthened vendor stewardship and accountability directly influences relationship performance

Aligned objectives, language, integrity, processes and performance expectations

How do I get my Solution Certified?

The Program consists of three primary components: the certification process, a promotional period, and re-certification.
  • Apply

    Complete the Solution Certification application for each solution. Expect approximately 2 to 4 hours of effort to complete each application.

  • Identify Customers

    Select 5 to 8 customers who are willing to take a 30-minute call from AOTMP® to validate solution performance.

  • Make Intoductions

    Introduce the customers to AOTMP® via email using a program introduction template that we will provide.

  • Validation

    We conduct calls and complete a scorecard for each call that will determine the validation score. These scorecards are not shared outside of AOTMP®

  • Scoring

    A score of between 0 and 100 is issued. A score of 80 or more is required to obtain certification.

  • Certification

    AOTMP® creates a solution certification report containing an assessment of promoting, positive trending, negative trending, and detracting findings collected during the solution performance validation calls. All published assessments are anonymous and not attributed to a specific interview. This report will be provided to you along with the score.

Certifications awarded will be designated into one of 4 categories:

If the certification process fails to produce a passing score, the certification will not be issued, and a new certification process may begin after six months.

What Promotion is Included?

Every certification earns benefits from the promotional opportunities listed below.

Case Study

A customer case study will be created by AOTMP® (problem, solution, outcome) from the 5 to 8 customers provided.

The case study will be featured in  AOTMP® Insights at least once per quarter for 30 days for the first year, be included in the AOTMP® member community portal, and be promoted in periodic email blasts to AOTMP’s database.

Digital Badge

Each certified solution gets a custom created badge that can be used for marketing or certification validation on social media, websites etc.

High-Level Visibility

The Company logo, credential logo, digital credential and solution description will be:

  1. Included in AOTMP® Member Community
  2. Included in resource section of AOTMP® web site
  3. Promoted in monthly email blasts to AOTMP®’s database of more than 80,000 telecom, mobility, and IT management professionals

Ongoing Promotion

The overall value of the Efficiency First® Solution Certification Program will be promoted to end users through the AOTMP® web site resources and best practices sections, social media and email marketing programs. Key promotion points include:
  1. The Efficiency First® Framework and what it is.
  2. The value of adopting the principals of the Efficiency First® Framework
  3. Ways to adopt the principals of the Efficiency First® Framework
  4. The benefits for the business and their team
  5. Case studies as created from certified solutions

Official Certificate

A PDF credential certificate will be provided.

Recognition at Events

The company and the certified solution will be recognized at various AOTMP® events throughout the year.


Certification is not guaranteed; it’s based on alignment and customer validation of performance. The certification pass rate historically has been over 90% but it is not 100%.

Certification, if earned, is valid for 24 months from the date of issue.

The Certification is valid for one named solution and must only be used for that solution. The certification is not a company certification. Additional solutions may be certified at an additional

Example Timeline

Applicants should expect to complete the entire certification process within 120 days or less.

  • Days 1-30

    Complete application for each solution. Complete identification of customers and their agreement to take call.

  • Days 30-90

    Complete calls to customers.

  • Days 90-120

    Complete analysis and scoring process.

Other Terms & Conditions

All references to certifications earned must be deleted immediately if the certification expires without being renewed. Certification renewals must be completed before the original certification expires. In addition, all certification promotional activities will be ceased by AOTMP® upon expiration.

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