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Customer Size Supported: 100 Employees or More
Published on October 6, 2022

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What is it?

From the initial environment and needs assessment, to system design and provider recommendations, through implementation and post-installation maintenance, Advantage is a unique turnkey, full-service managed service provider for enterprise customers.

Far more than a TEM, our expert teams are by our clients’ sides as partners, not merely vendors, enabling them to achieve savings and manhours that drive their own organization’s strategic growth and initiatives.

Notable Recognition

Finalist for AOTMP® Telecom Vendor of the Year 2022

What Sets it Apart?

  • Far more than a TEM, Advantage is a Managed Services Provider for telecom and networks
  • Truly global service with offices in Europe and staff throughout Europe
  • A user-friendly customer portal for reporting and deep segmentation of services, locations, providers and spend
  • Encompassing a portfolio of 350+ providers for the best in class recommendations
Advantage Communications Group mitigates the complexity of a constantly evolving IT landscape. Through hundreds of global service provider partnerships, our deep bench of technology practitioners and groundbreaking software, we make it easy to optimize your network and telecom infrastructure. We simplify the sourcing process, implement your selected solution, reduce your costs post deployment, and filter out the noise to distill technology chaos into data-driven, decision-useful information. As an end-to-end Telecom MSP, we optimize your communications solutions across voice, data, cloud, video and mobility.

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