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Customer Size Supported: Up to 1,000 Employeees
Published on December 10, 2021

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What is it?

ConvergeHub is a powerful Customer Lifecycle Management CRM platform with Sales, Marketing, Service and Billing, for customer acquisition and retention that helps businesses grow FASTER.

  • Get 360 degree customer view and manage all customer related activities on one unified platform for Sales, Marketing, Support and Billing.
  • Skyrocket your revenue by creating sales processes combined with powerful automation to attract more leads and close more sales.
  • Build lifelong customer relationships and earn repeat business by providing amazing customer experience.

ConvergeHub is used to accomplish all customer related activities through every stage of the customer lifecycle. It is used to attract leads, nurture prospects, close sales, communicate with customers through multiple channels, handle customer support, generate contracts, store documents, manage products or services, send quotations, create invoices, and more. ConvergeHub helps you delight your customers at every stage of the customer journey and puts your business growth on autopilot.

Notable Recognition

G2 – High Performer 2021

G2 – Users Most Likely to Recommend 2021

ZDNet – Top 10 CRMs for 2021

What Sets it Apart?

  • CRMs for large enterprises have heavyweight features but are very complex, notoriously difficult to use and take months to implement.
  • CRMs for small businesses are lightweight contact management systems with a few over-simplified features that do not address the complex challenges that small and midsize businesses face.
  • ConvergeHub is a feature-rich CRM that combines the horsepower of enterprise-grade software with the intuitive simplicity of popular software, packed into one unified platform, that small and midsize businesses can leverage to operate like big businesses.

Instead of focusing on one narrow section of the customer journey, ConvergeHub maintains a broad focus on the entire lifecycle of the customer. Starting at the point where customer is an unknown prospect, ConvergeHub helps nurture and convert the prospects into paying customers and then enables businesses build lifelong relationships with those customers and convert them to raving fans.

ConvergeHub provides Customer Lifecycle Management CRM software for businesses across a range of industries such as financial services, consulting, professional services, manufacturing, non-profit, technology and others. ConvergeHub makes it fast and easy for businesses to delight their customers through every step of the customer lifecycle. We do this by building and delivering software-as-a-service platform that is powerful and yet simple and easy to implement. Businesses use ConvergeHub to accomplish all customer related activities through each stage of the customer journey. ConvergeHub’s powerful customization and automation features allow businesses to configure and automate their own processes to skyrocket productivity. We are 20+ team members from around the world—supporting and enabling thousands of customers to grow their organizations every single day. We take pride in creating products that solve business problems and discover opportunities to help businesses grow quickly. Our team works toward one goal: to accelerate business growth for our customers.

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