Number of Customers: Hundreds
Number of Users: Not Disclosed
Customer Size Supported: Between 100 and 1,000 Employees
Published on February 10, 2022

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What is it?

iBus’s vision is to Connect everyone, everything, everywhere. By executing on the vision, iBus will reduce the digital divide in India by making connectivity ubiquitous, interoperable, and fit for purpose. In the area of indoor cellular connectivity, iBus has built and been operating India’s largest neutral indoor network bringing cellular signals of all Telcos – Airtel, Jio, VIL & BSNL  – available indoors in around 1000+ sites covering 0.5 billion sq.ft.

iBus is also on a mission to bring in fixed broadband connections to enterprises through SD WAN & & PM WANI architectures. Lastly, iBus, through its Sigfox partnership and exclusive licensee, is building network (IOT) dedicated to connecting billions of devices.

What Sets it Apart?

iBus is a premium brand among the fragmented, one dimensional and pure play passive infrastructure players. Our convergence of services across multiple protocols – cellular 3GPP, Wi-Fi/SD-WAN and IOT/Sigfox – are accelerating the convergence of network services and infrastructure across the customer segments. We drive innovation at strategic, operational, technical, and business model dimensions. As an active participant in the O-RAN Alliance, iBus is creating the right foundations for openness, innovation, and flexibility in radio access networks. 

iBus is committed to achieve the vision of Connecting Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, through sustainable ESG goals. Our business purpose being universal connectivity and enriched experiences, has established a goal to be carbon neutral. In respect to that, we are aiming to set ourselves to be carbon neutral by 2028, while social commitment is centered around diversity, employee centricity, and urban health.

iBus Networks, a full-service Digital Infrastructure Solution (CaaS-connectivity as a service) provider, delivers a suite of solutions for the connectivity economy. We are currently among the largest neutral digital infrastructure players, transforming and delivering connectivity solutions in India with objective of reducing digital divide. iBus digital 2.0 is a suite of products that offers Connectivity-as-a-Service across multiple protocols – cellular, Wi-Fi/SD-WAN and IOT/Sigfox – along with seamless integration of use cases such as, Building Management Solutions, Digital Analytics for Smart City, Metros & Airport & all categories of Commercial Projects in India and globally.

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