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Published on July 10, 2022

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What is it?

Lightyear is the first software platform to automate the entire enterprise telecom lifecycle. With Lightyear, you no longer need to waste valuable IT resources manually calling ISPs, aggregators, or agents. Whether you are sourcing internet / WAN circuits, voice services, or colocation, Lightyear’s software automates RFP creation and reveals the right service providers for your configuration at the best prices.

Lightyear’s software will also project manage your installation and track network inventory post-install without you having to lift a finger. On average, Lightyear customers see >20% cost savings and >70% engineering time savings, all while achieving on-time installations.

What Sets it Apart?

Lightyear’s online telecom procurement questionnaire takes 2 minutes to complete, and with our procurement software, we find on-net providers and automatically reach out to providers for quote proposals, which drastically reduces the time to quote. We work with 1,000s of telecom providers, which ensures that your quotes will be fair and truly vendor agnostic. We manage implementations on your behalf, including vendor communications and issue management, providing you updates along the way.

Lightyear’s software allows businesses to buy and manage their network services (internet, WAN, data center, voice / phone) on a ridiculously easy-to-use online platform. With Lightyear you can configure services, get quotes, pick vendors, sign contracts, monitor implementations, handle renewal shopping, and manage your entire network inventory in one vendor-neutral platform. Hundreds of enterprise users trust Lightyear with all of their network procurement needs, including those at Louis Vuitton, Palo Alto Networks, Starwood, StockX and Element Solutions, as well as several ISPs themselves.

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