Number of Customers: 525
Number of Users: 158,000
Customer Size Supported: 1,000 Employees or more
Published on July 10, 2022

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What is it?

Enabling effective communication among your employees and across your customer base is now, more than ever, a critical success factor. You can achieve this by ensuring that the right people have access to the right services anytime. This persistent optimization is the essence of Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM), and real cost savings are the result.

CLM simplifies the management of your communication assets and expenses. It gives you the insights into your communications service and asset lifecycle; spend, usage, and adoption insights allow you to make better strategic decisions. Evidence-based recommendations tell you when your infrastructure is over-subscribed or under-used, where you have inefficiencies, and when it’s time to transform.

Notable Recognition

NTT believes that managing your IT services goes beyond traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM).

Our primary research shows us that 39% of savings opportunities are a result of carrier’s errors. 69% are a result of lack of process compliance, reactive cost management, and decisions made based on unvalidated data. 

NTT CLM understands that our clients require more than a reactive TEM service, we provide a persistent, proactive and strategic service that enables you to gain better governance and compliance, operational excellence and automation, visibility and analytics, and evidence-based outcomes.

What Sets it Apart?

  • The CLM Platform is NTT’s own Intellectual Property and is a single, unified system for managing all telecom services and assets. It is built using a Microservices, API first, Cloud Native, Headless (MACH) architecture enabling us to configure our platform & services to map to your processes, business needs, and governance rules.
  • Every aspect of the CLM solution, from the platform, data centers, and security and global service is owned and delivered by NTT.
  • NTT CLM is a truly global solution hosted in 3 countries and delivered to global and multi-national clients with telecom services in more than 70 countries.
With revenues of over USD 10 billion, we operate in more than 200 countries and regions, and serve 5,000 clients. To help you deliver on your business priorities through technology-led initiatives, we transform your businesses and technology at the pace you aspire to, driving the outcomes you want with the as-a-service options you need. Our services and products include Network as a Service, Multicloud as a Service, Edge as a Service and Software-defined Infrastructure Services.

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