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Published on February 10, 2022

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What is it?

The Manifest AR-enabled work-instruction platform brings the power of computing to the deskless workforce, putting knowledge at the fingertips of frontline staff, right where the job is. With Manifest, deskless workers have instant access to step-by-step guidance from a company’s most experienced technicians, anywhere, anytime. Manifest flawlessly aggregates 4 critical components of operational systems: 

  • Procedures – Experts digitize procedures with step-by-step guidance enhanced with AR elements, enabling workers to follow these instructions to accurately execute tasks.
  • People – Regardless of skill level or experience, institutional knowledge, expert assistance, and collaboration are enabled and available – whenever needed – so teams are connected.
  • Places – Traditional physical barriers disappear. Work gets done consistently wherever the job is, regardless of individual, team, or equipment location.
  • Machines – Workers interact with equipment and IoT sensor data in real-time and then data is integrated with operational data and enterprise-wide systems.

Notable Recognition

  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020, Mixed Reality category.
  • Named to Fast Company 2021 Next Big Things in Tech list.

What Sets it Apart?

Manifest stands out with its AR-enabled remote assist capabilities. Featuring integrated remote communication and collaboration capabilities, Manifest enables deskless workers to access manuals, support documents, PDFs, videos and photos, and when necessary reach out and video chat with remote experts and even share “see-what-I-see” real-time video.

The “directing” capabilities built into Manifest allow remote experts to guide workers using directional holograms and 3D annotations. Experts can even track workers’ eye movements to ensure they are focused on the correct area of a machine or system.

The built-in remote assist feature permits a deskless employee to directly link to the procedure they are working on, seamlessly giving the expert context and access to critical job information. The expert is also capable of sharing or assigning a different set of work instructions directly to the operator during the remote-assist session or at any other time.

For decades, employees who did their jobs at desks experienced exponential increases in productivity and efficiency through technological advances. This is not true for the 2.7B employees who do their jobs on factory floors, on cell towers, in garages, and thousands of other deskless places. Taqtile is changing this with its Manifest work-instruction platform. By leveraging proven technologies, including augmented reality (AR), 3D visualization, and real-time collaborative communication, Taqtile is empowering deskless workers to complete complex tasks more efficiently, completely, and safely than ever before. With its Manifest work-instruction platform, Taqtile equips and empowers frontline workers with the tools they need to complete their jobs flawlessly, accurately and to completion every time. Manifest, combined with devices like the HoloLens, RealWear, Magic Lap and even iPads, gives deskless workers instant virtual access to, and step-by-step guidance from, an organization’s most experienced technicians and trainers anywhere, anytime.

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