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Customer Size Supported: 1,000 or More Employees
Published on March 10, 2022

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What is it?

Tellennium’s MoT Platform provides a level of detail not available with most TEM & MMS solutions, providing real-time visibility to PIC, LPIC, speeds, physical location, usage, IPs, MAC addresses, and much more – it’s all there. Your individualized dashboard can be designed the way you want to see it by simple drag and drop of information modules and automatically delivered to your inbox periodically, as desired. 

Our Management of Things technology, supported by Tellennium’s subject-matter-experts and AI, provides all the control and visibility needed to support your organization for better management of your enterprise communications network, mobile environment, utilities, waste, devices, assets, and SaaS licenses.

What Sets it Apart?

  • Accurate inventory with granular details.
  • For US-based clients, 100% domestic support and 100% of data maintained in the US.
  • Awarded 2021 AOTMP® Hottest New IT Solution.
  • Single platform for all categories such as Wireline, Mobility, SaaS, Utilities, Waste and more.
  • Real client satisfaction guarantees.
Tellennium is an enterprise expense management company, founded in 1999, traditionally known as Telecom or Technology Expense Management (TEM). Tellennium provides organizations with technology, proven processes, and solution-consulting expertise to efficiently manage enterprise expenses. Tellennium’s platform, Management of Things (MoT®), was recognized by business and technology leaders at the AOTMP® Engage conference as the Hottest New IT Solution of 2021. Tellennium’s SaaS-based software platform, MoT, helps organizations gain full visibility and control over their network, mobility, utilities, waste, & IT spend. MoT provides automation workflows and facilitates the identification of billing errors and optimization opportunities, both of which drive expense management savings for the enterprise. MoT supports several spend categories and is fully backed by regionally based support teams and guaranteed client satisfaction. The platform technology is highly configurable to support the custom needs of each organization, and reporting dashboards can be individually tailored to support unique customer requirements.

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