Number of Customers: 1,700+
Number of Users: 10,000+
Customer Size Supported: 1,000 or More Employees
Published on January 10, 2022

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What is it?

The Cimpl Technology Expense Management (TEM) platform provides a single place for enterprises to optimize, manage, and govern technology expenses including wireline, mobile, UCaaS, IoT, and cloud. 

Cimpl Telecom aggregates and rationalizes all your fixed wireline expenses and offers a broad array of capabilities to maintain inventory accuracy, negotiate contracts, and identify savings. It is offered as a platform and managed service, and you can fully outsource wireline expense management to our team of TEM consultants. 

Cimpl Mobile is offered as a platform or managed service and allows you to outsource end-to-end management of all your mobile devices. We can handle procurement, end-user support, break-fix, recycling, and full expense management.  

Cimpl Cloud, our latest offering, provides cloud expense optimization, security, and compliance. Cimpl Cloud is fast to set up and delivers immediate cost-saving opportunities. The powerful reporting capabilities with 600+ best practice checks give you world-class security and governance.

Notable Recognition

  • AOTMP® Certified Solution: TEM Lifecycle
  • AOTMP® Certified Solution: Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Research in Action Top 5 Technology Cost and Resource Optimization 2020
  • AOTMP® Rising Star 2018
  • AOTMP® Solution Innovation of the Year 2017

What Sets it Apart?

  • Upland Cimpl’s user-friendly design makes it easy to manage inventory, with automation and powerful, customizable reporting.
  • Offers complete transparency into telecom, mobile, and cloud inventory and services in a single platform.
  • Automatically reconciles services to contracts.
  • Automatically identifies and recommends opportunities to optimize technology spend.
  • Cimpl Cloud applies 600+ best practice checks to cloud environments to optimize cloud costs, utilization, security, and compliance.
  • Professional Services team manages orders and provisioning, processes invoices and contracts, handles contract disputes, and more, while freeing up your internal resources.
  • Managed Mobility Services (MMS) can include procurement, fulfillment, and distribution, mobile expense management and reporing, and end-user support.
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