Number of Customers: 20
Number of Users: 10
Customer Size Supported: Any size
Published on June 10, 2022

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What is it?

ZERON is a Cyber Security Posture Management platform with an approach of Attack, Defense and Compliance mapped with Businessfallout making it the [A-B-C-D] of Cybersecurity. Zeron helps organisations to predict, prevent and mitigate cyber threats also, helps to increase their ROI on Cyber Security Investments.

What Sets it Apart?

Zeron stands out among the competitors with the following USPs:

  • Revenue fallout mapping 
  • ADC approach (Attack+Defence+Compliance) 
  • Machine-learning-based threat intelligence 
  • Breach probability 
  • Z-Score (Security Benchmark Score) 
  • GRC 
Zeron is backed by cyber security professionals and researchers who aim to simplify cyber security with a one-stop solution for managing all things vulnerable in organisations with a bundled SaaS-On-Premise hybrid approach.

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