AOTMP Solutions for Enterprises and Vendors

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Derived from information and data points from thousands of telecom environments worldwide, AOTMP solutions help enterprises drive performance, efficiency and productivity while significantly reducing costs.  AOTMP also provides solutions that help telecom vendors provide a new level of value to their customers, aligning more precisely to their needs, and providing competitive differentiation and scalability.

AOTMP solutions are underpinned by AOTMP’s patented Efficiency First® Framework, bringing balance to the telecom management vendor and enterprise ecosystem.

Adoption of the Efficiency First® Framework through AOTMP solutions allows organizations to evolve their telecom environment to a new level of performance far beyond existing auditing, telecom expense management or mobility management programs.

Sustainable short-term impact and long-term results are created that transform the environment, once viewed as an operating expense, to a strategic asset leveraged to drive business results.  This is the foundation for the Telecom Management Center of Excellence.  Each of AOTMP’s solutions is connected to the Center of Excellence Journey.

Evotem® is comprised of these business units and solutions.

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