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In an industry that is lacking discipline and structure, AOTMP partners with your organization to drive measurable results aligned to your business objectives.
This performance management suite is based on the Efficiency First® Framework methodology and is delivered via a cloud-based software application that includes dashboards with ongoing metrics and recommendations for improving your telecom environment.

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Healthcare Organization

In order for physicians and clinical staff to track patient data, healthcare organizations are relying more heavily on mobile device,s such as phones and tablets, than ever before. It is crucial for the healthcare industry to have accurate reporting of Key Performance Indicators as a means of driving revenues and decreasing costs, and telecom spend per employee is just one way to document continuous improvement.


Annual Telecom Spend $82 million
Number of Employees 28,900
% Efficiency Gain Potential

Analysis Summary

Through review of technical, financial and operational efficiency opportunities across the entire telecom environment, analysis shows a targeted potential for 20% increase in overall telecom management efficiency. At minimum, a 10% efficiency gain exists across the environment.

Top-3 Areas Contributing to Inefficiency

  1. Inconsistent adherence to documented processes and best practices
  2. Inadequate skills training for telecom management employees
  3. Sub-optimal telecom management structure

Opportunities to improve telecom management efficiency can be found within the Recommendations and Observations section of the PSA application.

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