The 4 Questions to Ask During a Training Needs Analysis

How do you know your telecom team needs a training needs analysis? Like everything else in an enterprise, you can’t make decisions with a gut feeling. You need a systematic approach to determine who needs training and exactly what content they need. Here are four questions that your analysis must answer: What are the desired […]

The Keys to Measuring Telecom Management Team Performance

When AOTMP® asks enterprises how they measure telecom, mobility, and IT management performance, many say cost savings is the primary metric in which performance is assessed. Although cost savings is important, this metric is not a true indicator of overall telecom effectiveness. There are several factors that significantly influence the performance, productivity, and efficiency of […]

Highlights: A Telecom Management Journey of Excellence

Chris Zafirson, IT Finance Director at Avery Dennison, shared his company’s telecom management Center of Excellence (CoE) journey and what it means for the organization moving forward at the 2018 AOTMP® Summit. Chris answered several key questions about building a CoE, including steps his organization took to ensure Avery Dennsion experienced CoE success, how he […]

VDSL and IoT

As companies explore new and exciting ways to integrate emerging technologies, they routinely encounter limits on the speed with which their data can move. To help improve data delivery speeds, broadband providers continue to innovate and upgrade the lines we already use every day. While fiber optics can solve many of these challenges, most enterprises […]

10 Questions That Telecom Analytics Can Answer

1.)  Question: How do telecom analytics contribute to achieving business objectives? Answer:  Measuring, optimizing, and ultimately reducing telecom expenses is a primary business objective for many organizations. Data extracted from a TEM system can provide insight into potential areas for optimization, such as identifying unused mobile devices that can be disconnected and/or fixed lines that […]

Why You Should Benchmark Telecom Management

As telecom environment expenses comprise 20-25% of IT spend within an organization, today’s IT professionals are more focused than ever on identifying and seizing cost-cutting opportunities. Most go straight to the “obvious” Telecom Expense Management (TEM) initiatives — after all, it yields cost savings. This misnomer, while a step in the right direction, isn’t a […]

Does Your TEM Inventory Support Service & Asset Lifecycle Management?

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) vendors have long touted service visibility as a major benefit delivered by TEM inventory systems. Over the past decade, TEM vendors have expanded functionality to include telecom assets in inventory as well. It makes sense to assume that a TEM inventory contains everything an enterprise would need to manage the lifecycle […]

Telecom Policy: Limiter or Enabler?

There are two aspects of every telecom policy. The first addresses an organization’s philosophy and approach to service enablement and the second addresses rules for users. Each aspect is equally important for guiding an organization’s delivery and consumption of communications services. All too often, though, organizations treat policy as a tool to restrict access or […]

The Value of Telecom Management Vendors

Chances are, enterprises and vendors alike have at least heard of the telecom management ecosystem. But what it is and why it matters may not be clear. This article aims to fix that by first diving into a single part of the ecosystem: the value of telecom management vendors. First, however, it is important to […]

Who Is Accountable for Telecom Management Results?

The single greatest inhibitor to optimal enterprise performance is the lack of established accountability for telecom management results; a single accountability owner for all telecom management performance is required. Challenging this goal are work group silos with diverse task objectives that are not fully aligned with a unified strategy. The typical enterprise telecom management practice […]

Improving Your Value as a Telecom Vendor

As a brief follow-up to my last post, which touched on “TEM TAM”, a few people questioned the current market size for Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and telecom vendor representation. I assume this is because a quick ‘back-of-the-envelope’ calculation of estimated (and guesstimated) annual revenue for Tangoe, MDSL, Calero, Asentinel, Telesoft, Cass, and MTS, plus […]