MDM benefits

Why MDM Matters

Considering today’s smartphone market has surpassed that of traditional PCs, more organizations than ever are assessing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. After all, 75% of IT managers need new security ...


MDM Market Evolution

While Mobile Device Management (MDM) may be past its prime in the United States, globally this security platform is still experiencing impressive growth. Through 2025, MDM is projected to grow compound annual r...


What Does a Data Protection Impact Assessment Do?

Whether you’re kicking off a major project or making changes to an existing one that uses personal data, performing a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) helps you ensure processes and outcomes comply with...

GDPR compliance

Why GDPR Compliance Matters

If you didn’t read my last post, the General Data Protection (GDPR) grants individuals new data privacy rights and protections. In fact, global government agencies and business executives like Microsoft CEO Sat...

data security

Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Data Security?

If you’re not familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this legislation is setting the stage for an entirely new standard of consumer data security. Enterprises – whether they’re located wit...


CPaaS & Its Business Impact

Every successful organization has one thing in common: clear and effective communications. While this sounds obvious, managing an ever-growing list of enterprise messaging and communication applications can be ...

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Blog Privacy Matters

Six Data Privacy Steps You Need to Take Before No-Deal Brexit

As Boris Johnson takes office as the newly minted Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), it’s necessary for businesses inside the UK and all over the European Union (EU) to begin taking steps to prepa...

data analytics
Blog Tim on TEM

Data Analytics or Forensic Reporting?

Data analytics is a hot topic in business management. It’s also a hot topic in technology management as businesses pursue better outcomes through digital transformation initiatives. It is, after all, billed as ...

digital age

IoT in a Digital Age

In my last blog I spoke about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the digital age, but IoT can’t be ignored. Why IoT? As we see the world overwhelmed with digital aspects and surrounded by virtual connections, IoT’...

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Blog Privacy Matters

Privacy Policy Matters: Guidelines Issued in the Netherlands

The first question that may come to mind is: why should I care about The Netherlands issuing privacy policy guidelines? The answer is simple. The Netherlands — and all other 27 EU member states’ DPA...