How 5G Changes Technology Forever

With so many unfulfilled promises about how 5G changes lives and transforms technology forever, it’s easy to be skeptical. After all, carriers are moving slower than expected and we have yet to see that explosion of self-driving cars or robot surgeons so many headlines have mentioned. However, we’re finally starting to see light at the […]

Convergence: Explaining the UEM Trend

As you already know, technology has more acronyms and terms than anyone can count. So it should come as little surprise that enterprises and vendors have struggled for years to explain the difference between Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Which solution is the better fit for your IT security policies? Which […]

Meet the World’s Most Secure Messaging App

With total end-to-end encryption, Signal Private Messenger is the most secure messaging app to date. While total privacy is highly desired, enterprises may want a version that gives them oversight of the messaging traffic within their own network. Security continues to be a major issue in enterprise computing, especially with mobile. AOTMP is unsure if we […]