Understanding the Telecom Management Ecosystem – Part 1

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Understanding the Telecom Management Ecosystem Part 1: The Value of Vendors (And Not Just Those Doing TEM / WMM) Chances are, enterprises and vendors alike have at least heard of the Telecom Management Ecosystem. But what it is and why it matters may not be clear. Over the coming weeks, this series of articles [...]

AOTMP Launches New Solution in its Portfolio of Telecom Management Solutions | AOTMP

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Telecom Management Ecosystem Membership for Telecom Vendors INDIANAPOLIS, MAY 19, 2016— AOTMP, a global leader in telecom management best practices and industry standards, announced the most recent addition to its solutions: Telecom Management Ecosystem Vendor Membership. The Ecosystem consists of vendors that impact the efficiency of the fixed and mobile telecom environment, and the fixed [...]