Do You Have a Vendor Management Policy?

**From the August 2020 issue of AOTMP® Insights** Every organization has a vendor management process. Because telecom, mobility, and IT is complicated – and few (if any) companies out there can handle everything the industry throws at their technology team. But, just because you have a process doesn’t mean everyone affected by it knows it […]

How New Technology is Shaping Telecom’s Future

As new technologies are developed and deployed, industry providers will explore how they can use it to attract customers, expand their growth initiatives, and influence the future of telecom. But are these organizations truly prepared to make meaningful changes happen? While integrating innovations like 5G sounds appealing, in reality the practice is much easier said […]

New Year, New Era of Data Privacy

In less than a week, U.S. data privacy changes forever. That’s because the California Consumer Privacy Act – or CCPA for short – takes effect January 1st. If you haven’t heard about this regulation (or have simply ignored our previous warnings), this regulation will revolutionize how your organization manages, protects, and uses consumers’ personal data. […]

What is Cloud Data Repatriation?

While cloud is one of today’s biggest enterprise technology trends, many organizations find these migrations don’t deliver the savings, flexibility, and collaboration that were implemented to create. Thus, a new trend has been born – cloud data repatriation. What is Cloud Data Repatriation? This term sounds complicated, but in reality it’s a three-word definition that […]

Why XaaS Matters

While an Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) technology model may look different from one place to the next, its ability to deliver transformative business results is far from unique. In fact, XaaS is helping CIOs and other tech-minded leaders perform entirely new roles. Through a combination of agile and DevOps principles, these professionals can deploy cutting-edge technology services […]

Data Privacy Compliance & the CCPA

Data privacy is growing – and rapidly getting more complex. As pretty much every region enacts new laws to more strictly govern data privacy rights than ever before, today’s legislation is creating an increasingly dangerous landscape where non-compliance is concerned. GDPR’s Global Data Privacy Impact Despite the threat potential fines and penalties pose, most companies […]

Four Focus Areas for Complete Cybersecurity

No matter how big or advanced your organization is, we all share the same threat: cybersecurity. While technology has delivered incredible and unexpected benefits, it’s also created the potential for increased business risks and more dangerous attacks than ever. Using many of the same innovations you do, cybersecurity attackers are taking advantage of automation and […]

What Does a Data Protection Impact Assessment Do?

Whether you’re kicking off a major project or making changes to an existing one that uses personal data, performing a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) helps you ensure processes and outcomes comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What’s a DPIA? If DPIA is a new term for you, don’t worry – you’re not […]

Why GDPR Compliance Matters

If you didn’t read my last post, the General Data Protection (GDPR) grants individuals new data privacy rights and protections. In fact, global government agencies and business executives like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella are rapidly reconsidering the privacy of individuals’ digital experiences as a human right. Beyond the fines and heavy-handed legal consequences you’ve probably […]

Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Data Security?

If you’re not familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this legislation is setting the stage for an entirely new standard of consumer data security. Enterprises – whether they’re located within the European Union (EU) or not – are challenged now more than ever to establish effective data protections and processes. Especially if you’re […]

Six Data Privacy Steps You Need to Take Before No-Deal Brexit

**Updated July 2020** As Boris Johnson takes office as the newly minted Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), it’s necessary for businesses inside the UK and all over the European Union (EU) to begin taking steps to prepare for the No-Deal Brexit scenario and how it impacts data protection laws like Privacy Shield. Step […]

Data Protection Matters: How Much Do You Know About Privacy?

Your employees need to know the most about data protection laws and how they affect them. Almost every single person in an enterprise environment is affected by some aspect of these laws — the biggest one being the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In a recent AOTMP® Research & Advisory study supported by our Efficiency […]