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AOTMP Heralds MDSL-Telesoft Combination as Positive

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AOTMP Heralds MDSL—Telesoft Combination as Positive The telecom expense management sector, which also encompasses IT and mobility, is undergoing another round of consolidation as next-generation services such as the Internet of Things compel vendors to help enterprises handle evolving technologies. The newly announced merger of MDSL and Telesoft comes as organizations spend $1.5 trillion [...]

Why AT&T’s Acquisition of Time Warner is So Important

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J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. Principal Analyst, Mobile and Wireless | LinkedIn Why AT&T’s Acquisition of Time Warner is So Important This is a vertical integration of content with distribution. It gives AT&T tremendous content to distribute through their DIRECTV Now and through mobile. Enterprises will see more ability to get access [...]