Microsoft Makes 2020’s First Major Security Blunder

While you and I are working to prepare our organizations for 2020, Microsoft’s security teams are doing something else. That’s because yesterday the company announced it has been working overtime since last mon...

telecom training

Three 2020 Telecom Predictions

Things are changing quickly in the realm of enterprise technology – and telecommunications is certainly no exception to this trend. As you prepare your telecom training initiatives for everything 2020 will brin...

Blog Tim on TEM

Ask the Telecom Pro – October 2019

Q: What is an MVNO? A: A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) provides cellular voice and data services using wireless network infrastructure owned by other carriers. MVNOs have business agreements with carri...

5G networks

What We’ve Learned After Six Months of 5G

It’s been six months since South Korea deployed the world’s first nationwide 5G networks. So, how is this technology already changing the world? To put it briefly, commercial 5G is expected to explode in the co...


SD-WAN: What Does It Do?

Although it sounds complicated, Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is simply a top-layer network architecture that makes the structure easier to manage than traditional WAN. Basically, SD-WAN shifts...


VoIP Project Implementation Plan: 7 Critical Steps

Enterprises that are considering migrating to a VoIP system or changing VoIP providers need to be sure to have a VoIP project implementation plan. Without a solid plan, it’s easy for mistakes to happen, w...