[Webinar Recording] 5 Tips to Choosing a Telecom Expense Management Vendor

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Choosing a Telecom Expense Management Vendor (TEM) can be nerve-wracking. AOTMP offers a few tips for making this process easier. If you are a CIO, CTO, IT Director, Telecom Director, Telecom Management Leader, IT / Telecom Finance Leader, Mobility Practice Leader or IT / Telecom Procurement Leader, watch this recording to learn more about vendor selection for your organization.

GSG Surges Ahead with Sakon – An AOTMP/Sakon Whitepaper

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Now more than ever, the CIO must innovate while maintaining operational excellence – and continue to adhere to budgetary and practical constraints. Cloud spending is increasing and business transformation is accelerating rapidly. All of these trends call for expert, experienced guidance. This whitepaper by AOTMP introduces Sakon, their applications, and what they do.

Telecom and Cloud Service Management

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP Cloud services are digital transformation enablers for organizations across various IT, telecom and mobile technology platforms. They are also disrupters for IT, telecom and mobile management practices. As cloud technology replaces and augments legacy technology platforms, questions arise from enterprise fixed and mobile [...]