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  • Are your telecom, mobility and IT teams speaking different languages?

  • Is the team struggling with digital transformation?

  • Would you like your team to make a greater contribution to the IT strategy and the corporate strategy?

  • Would learning what other enterprises are successfully doing help your team?

  • Would telecom, mobility and IT management best practices benefit your organization?

  • Would you like a better way to measure your team’s overall performance and contribution to the business?

  • Would it be worth investing in continually building the knowledge of your team in this ever-changing environment of digital transformation?

  • Would it make a positive impact to have a career growth plan and performance tracking plan in place for your team members?

Team Performance Optimization Program

AOTMP Team Performance Optimization Program is designed to help organizations create a high-performance telecom management team, bound by a common set of best practices and standard language across all areas of the telecom, mobility and IT environments. A highly-efficient team is the greatest contributor to a telecom environment that seeks to evolve from being viewed as support for the organization to becoming a Telecom Management Center of Excellence; where telecom develops into a strategic asset with alignment and significant contribution to the highest-level business objectives set by upper management. During this 24-month renewable optimization program, an organization will experience significant improvements in measurable efficiency, team performance and individual productivity and reducing costs along the way.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Drives improvement in measurable efficiency, team performance and individual productivity

  • Positions your team to identify significant cost savings

  • Serves as a basis for a standard language among the entire telecom related team

  • Encourages innovation and continual improvement among the team

  • Creates an environment that can contribute strategic value to the business

  • Fosters an environment of continuous improvement

  • Supports career advancement preparation for individuals involved in the environment

  • Provides clear and measurable knowledge improvement milestones

  • Improves employee retention as the organization demonstrates investment in their team

  • Builds a strong team that can serve as the foundation for a Telecom Management Center of Excellence

  • Helps establish a model that can be used in other areas of the organization

AOTMP’s Team Performance Optimization Program partners with your telecom/IT department facilitating continuous improvement in your most valuable resource: People.  This renewable 24-month program includes access to AOTMP experts and telecom-focused tools helping you to create a highly-efficient team improving performance and alignment with overall organization business goals.

Here are the elements included in AOTMP’s Team Performance Optimization Program:

Your team will have unlimited access to over 150 courses and be able to earn their master, platinum, gold and silver certifications. Management will also receive individualized transcripts for.

  • Q&A with AOTMP Experts
  • Operational Checklists
  • Data Analysis
  • Emerging Technology Trends
  • Telecom Industry Insight
  • Telecom Project Management Diagrams and Org. Charts

You will be supported in your transformation efforts by a team of AOTMP Efficiency First® Experts that will learn about your environment and the details of how your team operates within the organization. Our team will guide your team throughout the life of the program.

This score will be determined based on the data from the Efficiency First Framework® 30 core activities assessments and Team Performance Score assessment results. The answers will identify alignment or gaps within key job functions. Every six months you will receive a score on a scale of 1 to 2000 that indicates your level of team performance and your trending progress.

AOTMP will provide the organization’s telecom managers an initial baseline scoring overview of the telecom environment and the individual contributors’ current state.

A monthly review of program status will be scheduled with the dedicated Program Manager for your team.

A QBR with the entire AOTMP Team Performance Optimization Program support team and the management of the organization will provide a high-level look at the overall progress of the program.

Contact us for a detailed look at how AOTMP Team Performance Optimization Program will transform your agility and ability in implementing digital transformation in your organization.