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Telecom Management Case Studies

AOTMP Telecom Management Case Studies provide real-world examples of Efficiency First® Framework best practices methodology in enterprises, small to medium businesses and public sector organizations.

Teligistics — AOTMP University
Texas-based Teligistics is a telecom sourcing, enterprise mobility management, telecom expense and asset management company serving clients on a worldwide basis. With over 20 years of experience, Teligistics’ services and Telibid™ software have enabled the company to become a leading expert in the TEM / EMM space; helping enterprises cut telecom costs while providing complete visibility into their network solutions.

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MDSL — AOTMP University
MDSL has grown at a rapid rate, and the company has faced challenges in hiring, retaining, and positioning employees. From high-level industry knowledge to role-specific best practices, MDSL began utilizing AOTMP University training in 2012 to “fill in any gaps” in new hires’ experience level and to supplement the MDSL onboarding and training process.

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CBI Telecommunications Consultants — AOTMP University
During an exponential growth phase, CBI Telecommunications Consultants had to shift more emphasis on hiring and retaining talent to keep up the pace of the business. Like many other organizations in the telecom management arena, finding people with years of experience in the job pool who also possess intrinsic qualities that make them a good fit with the company culture can be a daunting process.

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Avery Dennison — Efficiency First® Framework
In their telecom environment, Avery Dennison was experiencing policy and process deficits. In each of the over 50 countries, there seemed to be a different approach for managing telecom costs, services, assets and technology.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company — AOTMP University
Over the next four years, our client nearly doubled in size; extending its reach to support telecom vendors in 80 different countries spanning six continents, and utilizing 17 different languages. Maintaining control of the telecom management practices and spending became more of a pressing concern to the company. Standardization on correct nomenclature and definitions across all languages, locations, currencies, and differing carrier billing formats was key to maintaining high customer satisfaction while maintaining current growth rates.

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Synovia Solutions — AOTMP Telecom Management Solutions
With a business solution reliant upon Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies, Synovia Solution’s telecom management practices are critical to business operations. Synovia experienced dramatic increases in M2M lines of service activations as well as inventory and carrier contract visibility challenges as the company grew, resulting in the need for improved cost control and cost of goods budgeting.

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National Retail Chain — AOTMP Solutions
As typical with rapid business growth rates, the importance of consistent measurements and procedures were critical to cost containment and business efficiency. Our client had reached a crossroads in which consolidation of all activities surrounding their telecom environment was needed in order to increase visibility and efficiency of the growing organization. Some of the company’s challenges included de-centralized billing, service and payments, and a lack of both contract lifecycle and inventory management. In addition, the company also needed to establish and put company telecom management policies in place; ensuring consistent telecom procedure adoption through the merger and acquisition onboarding process as well as to serve as a guide for new end-users.

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Multiple Companies — AOTMP University
AOTMP University is an effective way to align your team with up-to-date standards and best practices in the Telecom Management industry — yielding increased business efficiencies, cost savings, and knowledge that drives positive results for your business. Here’s how our empowered, AOTMP University clients utilized their knowledge to powerfully impact the companies they serve.

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