AOTMP University Case Study | Telecom Management Case Study

//AOTMP University Case Study | Telecom Management Case Study
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AOTMP University Case Study



A top telecom expense manager who manages locations on 6 continents enrolled in our AOTMP University Master Certification Program. Using the hands-on training she received while attaining her Sourcing and Procurement Certification, she was able to reduce Telecom spending by several hundred thousand dollars. In addition, she attributes AOTMP University for providing guidance on streamlining, standardizing, and creating consistent workflow processes for all international locations.

“AOTMP courses hit more angles of the inventory and cost management process than I ever imagined. The process filled in the gaps so that our telecom management practices are more complete. Your processes have helped me better explain the intricacies of telecommunications and their effect on the costs to our management.”


As a telecommunications professional for a large, medical device manufacturer with two locations, her responsibilities included negotiating contracts for all service, service orders, repair/troubleshooting tickets, invoice approval; all-the-while managing a $300k annual telecom budget.

Upon receiving her Contracts Management Specialty Certification from AOTMP University, she was able to return to her company and hone in and identify duplicate billing for T-1 and data services, overbilling for toll services, and misapplied tariffs; resulting in refunds of up to $180,000 for the company. In addition, she re-negotiated new contracts with telecom vendors that yielded a 10% average savings annually.

“Prior to AOTMP University, I found that I didn’t really know our current environment as well as I needed to. I didn’t even fully comprehend our telecom spending. My goal was to find out everything I had and manage all of the MACs and billing discrepancies. I have continually been able to apply the whole Efficiency First methodology to all of our telecom components.”


A seasoned telecom manager who oversees telecommunications team that services 3000+ employees on a national basis manages a broad list of responsibilities for his company ranging from telecom budget management, vendor negotiations, service order management, and final approval for invoice payment. Time to develop strategic telecommunications processes was not a luxury afforded him.

His largest challenge, the billing, audit, and approval process, involved an excessive amount of time and resources. With tools acquired from AOTMP University’s toolkit, he was able to extract existing templates for managing inventory and performing invoice-to-contract compliance in a measure that can be replicated throughout the department. He felt more confident understanding the process and having a guide for implementation to increase both the organization and cost-effectiveness of the department.

“Attending AOTMP University is a very good learning process for me. I have learned new things in each of the areas that will be very helpful in managing our telecom systems at work. The toolkits are fantastic!”


AOTMP University Certification courses give employees baseline knowledge, standardization
of best practices and consistency across the organization:

  • Alignment of workflow
  • Increased efficiencies throughout the organization
  • Foundation for a Center Of Excellence (CoE)
  • Professional development and life-long learning
  • Ability to leverage knowledge of the latest technologies to drive business results