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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Case Study


As the seventh largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in the world, our client is a global professional services company providing solutions in the digital, technology, and operational arenas. As a leader in the industry,
the company holds fast to its core value of being “Best in Class” for its clients. In 2015, the company requested AOTMP’s solution validation to ensure it was indeed servicing customers to the best of its abilities. AOTMP was also called upon to offer training and education to the company’s employees in the Philippines and Bratislava, where several internal business units were expanding operations.


Over the next four years, our client nearly doubled in size; extending its reach to support telecom vendors in 80 different countries spanning six continents, and utilizing 17 different languages. Maintaining control of the telecom management practices and spending became more of a pressing concern to the company. Standardization on correct nomenclature and definitions across all languages, locations, currencies, and differing carrier billing formats was key
to maintaining high customer satisfaction while maintaining current growth rates.

“The ROI of AOTMP University for our company has far surpassed the costs of educating our employees. It has led to to countless favorable dispute resolutions and improved business processes. Our employees are empowered and we benefit from it. Win-win.”
Telecom Manager


Throughout its growth phase, our client has continued to increase its dedication to the standardization of its telecommunication management practices and commitment to cost savings. To date, the company has invested over a half a million dollars in AOTMP University, houses over 100 employees who have achieved Master Certified status through the cloud-based online training and certification program, and has earned over 13,500 course credits.

AOTMP University professional certification programs have since become a deeply-embedded element within the company’s Human Resource strategy. Today, the courses are used as a benchmark for employee comparisons for hiring, raises, promotions, and professional development ‒ and a testament to the results yielded in proactively managing telecommunications practices across all channels, locations, and cultures.

“We have a great opportunity to learn best practices and telecom industry standards that makes us not just more valuable employees; it improves our resume and makes us more marketable. We’re looked at as industry leaders because of our knowledge.”
Telecom Analyst


AOTMP University Professional certifications serve as an outward symbol of best practice knowledge and commitment to excellence for telecom industry professionals.


Increase your knowledge in a specific area focused on your role, increase your standard nomenclature and become an expert in your focal area.


Begin building your knowledge across multiple areas to not only grow vertically in your focus area but also horizontally to start understanding the broader view of telecom management.


Become a true specialist in your focus area with broad expertise and fundamental understanding of telecom management.


Become an expert across the entire telecom management spectrum.

Knowledge Level Silver Gold Platinum Master
Practitioner Knowledge
Practitioner Expertise
Leadership Knowledge
Leadership Expertise
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