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CBI Telecommunications Consultants Case Study


CBI Telecommunications Consultants, based out of Grand Rapids, MI, is a technology expense management company. Its services include: VoIP, data, Local/LD, wireless and utilities optimization company serving enterprises on a global basis. CBI and AOTMP began their history when the organization embarked upon Efficiency First® Certification (2015) to demonstrate its commitment to continuous process improvement and to validate / measure client results and satisfaction through an independent 3rd party. Since then, the company has expanded its footprint with joint ventures and strategic partnerships around the globe.


During an exponential growth phase, CBI Telecommunications Consultants had to shift more emphasis on hiring and retaining talent to keep up the pace of the business. Like many other organizations in the telecom management arena, finding people with years of experience in the job pool who also possess intrinsic qualities that make them a good fit with the company culture can be a daunting process.

“The CBI culture is rooted in integrity, collaboration, innovation, passion, delivering excellence, and philanthropy,” states Vince Cobb, Director of Operations at CBI. “Sometimes we find gifted candidates that have both work ethic and a value system that mesh well with the CBI Way, but might not have the exact telecom experience we had originally been looking for.”

While CBI provides a thorough training process by which employees “learn the ropes” of its multiple solutions through team coaching and mentorship programs, the greater scope of the telecommunications industry as a whole is more complex – and not easy to teach.

“We’ve found that the employees who took these foundational courses through AOTMP University within the first 90 days were understanding our solutions much faster.”

Vince Cobb, Director of Operations. CBI Telecommunications Consultants


In effort to continue to foster adherence to the Efficiency First® Methodology, CBI leveraged AOTMP University to fill knowledge gaps in newly-hired employees. After enrolling its employees in the online learning environment, they began the process of implementing coursework to provide an in-depth induction to the fixed and mobile telecom management world.

As my role within CBI changed from Mobility Procurement Help Desk to Consultant Support within our fixed telephony group, I really started honing my skills, thanks to the audit and inventory courses. They increased my depth of knowledge in my area of expertise tremendously. I’ve also found the courses that surround sourcing and procurement in particularly helpful as they reinforce our best practice and the “CBI Way” approach.

Michelle Scullion, Wireline Consultant Support, CBI Telecommunications Consultant


AOTMP University Professional certifications serve as an outward symbol of best practice knowledge and commitment to excellence for telecom industry professionals.


Increase your knowledge in a specific area focused on your role, increase your standard nomenclature and become an expert in your focal area.


Begin building your knowledge across multiple areas to not only grow vertically in your focus area but also horizontally to start understanding the broader view of telecom management.


Become a true specialist in your focus area with broad expertise and fundamental understanding of telecom management.


Become an expert across the entire telecom management spectrum.


 “We’ve found that the employees who took these foundational courses through AOTMP University within the first 90 days were understanding our solutions much faster,” states Cobb. “It has really given our new employees a solid frame of reference – and then they begin to really grasp the ‘whys’ of what our company does and how our solutions benefit our clients.”

As CBI experienced both positive feedback and results with the initial pilot program, it has evolved to extend continuing educational opportunities for employees who demonstrate initiative and desire to advance their careers in telecom management. Many of CBI’s employees are currently pursuing Platinum and Master certifications through AOTMP University on top of their initial Silver certifications.

Other notable ways CBI extracts value from AOTMP University include:

  • Consistency in industry terminology used across the organization
  • Improved communications
  • Increased confidence and fluency for customer-facing employees
  • Employee engagement measurement utilizing the university’s provided performance metrics and reports
  • Additional structure in the on-boarding process
  • Cross-training within the organization

I came to CBI Telecommunication Consultants new to the telecom world. The initial courses really taught me a lot about the industry, and put what I was learning about CBI’s solutions in a context that helped me better understand the value we provide our clients.

Michelle Scullion, Wireline Consultant Support, CBI Telecommunications Consultant
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