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MDSL Case Study

HOW MDSL Utilizes AOTMP University to Standardize Employee Performance

Founded in 1995, MDSL partners with global enterprises to deliver visibility and control over their recurring technology expenses, driving cost savings and increased efficiency across their businesses. The company, which recently merged with Telesoft, now has 13 offices worldwide and supports technology categories including telecoms, market data and the Internet of Things.


As MDSL continues to grow at a rapid rate, the company is faced with challenges in hiring, retaining, and positioning employees in the areas of:

  • Drawing from a talent pool of professionals who are just beginning their telecom careers
  • Developing career advancement paths and processes within the organization
  • Standardizing employee performance reporting
  • Finding new and unique ways to motivate employees
  • Leveraging team telecom experience as a marketplace differentiator


From high-level industry knowledge to role-specific best practices, MDSL began utilizing AOTMP University training in 2012 to “fill in any gaps” in new hires’ experience level and to supplement the MDSL onboarding and training process. The company carves out training time for new hire employees to complete Silver certification, and monitors and measures new-hire employee engagement and performance through the learning environment’s user-friendly dashboards.

As I came to MDSL with a solid knowledge base of telecom management experience, I was still able to expand the breadth and depth of my knowledge through my AOTMP University coursework. But one of the greatest benefits for me was actually obtaining a Master Certification and getting formal recognition for my expertise in this field.

Brunella Russo, TEM Account Manager, MDSL


AOTMP University Professional certifications serve as an outward symbol of best practice knowledge and commitment to excellence for telecom industry professionals.


Increase your knowledge in a specific area focused on your role, increase your standard nomenclature and become an expert in your focal area.


Begin building your knowledge across multiple areas to not only grow vertically in your focus area but also horizontally to start understanding the broader view of telecom management.


Become a true specialist in your focus area with broad expertise and fundamental understanding of telecom management.


Become an expert across the entire telecom management spectrum.


Noting positive feedback with the training program, particularly in the areas of Introduction to Telecom and Telecom Project Management, MDSL’s utilization of AOTMP University has since evolved not only to ensure a solid foundation of telecom industry knowledge for new hires; but also as method to identify and foster future leaders within the organization’s workforce.

“People who have a couple years of experience under their belt and have been high performers in their roles are set on a path to further develop their skills. We have learned to leverage AOTMP University certifications as milestone markers, as it provides a unit of measurement in the process of evaluating and comparing employees for advancement opportunities.”


Felix Lau, Director of Business Services, MDSL

In addition, MDSL also promotes its employee certifications as a “badge of expertise” in client-facing positions; differentiating its employees with a higher level of skill and professionalism amidst a crowded marketplace of TEM / EMM providers.

As far as training initiatives with AOTMP University, MDSL sees involvement heightening with the doubling of its company size.

“When the dust has settled on our recent merger, I expect that we’ll utilize AOTMP University as a way to ‘unite’ training initiatives and maintain consistent best practices on a global basis,” Felix states.

As I am Euro-based and handle accounts on a global basis, the coursework helped me understand topics in the U.S. that I had little experience in such as U.S. invoicing, auditing and procurement. After completing the courses, I was able to serve my clients in that territory much more effectively.

Brunella Russo, TEM Account Manager, MDSL
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