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Texas-based Teligistics is a telecom sourcing, enterprise mobility management, telecom expense and asset management company serving clients on a worldwide basis. With over 20 years of experience, Teligistics’ services and Telibid™ software have enabled the company to become a leading expert in the TEM / EMM space; helping enterprises cut telecom costs while providing complete visibility into their network solutions.


The Teligistics and AOTMP relationship was initiated in 2016 when a new billing analyst at the organization, hungry for more industry knowledge, approached her supervisor with a proposition to deepen her understanding of her job responsibilities through courses at AOTMP University. As she progressed down the path toward certification, Teligistics’ leadership quickly came to notice improvements in her day-to-day performance as well as her value to the organization and the clients she served.

With that, the company began to place more emphasis on training and immediately committed to enroll additional employees within the organization.

“AOTMP University really helped me communicate more effectively with Fortune 500 executives who have worked in telecom for years and years. As the increase in my knowledge base grew with completed courses; so did my confidence and fluency in communicating.”

Tanner Roberts, Business Development Executive, Teligistics


AOTMP University Professional certifications serve as an outward symbol of best practice knowledge and commitment to excellence for telecom industry professionals.


Increase your knowledge in a specific area focused on your role, increase your standard nomenclature and become an expert in your focal area.


Begin building your knowledge across multiple areas to not only grow vertically in your focus area but also horizontally to start understanding the broader view of telecom management.


Become a true specialist in your focus area with broad expertise and fundamental understanding of telecom management.


Become an expert across the entire telecom management spectrum.


“We utilize AOTMP University training cross-departmentally now,” Tanner Roberts, Business Development Executive at Teligistics adds. “It benefits all of our employees, as it gives them a better understanding of the industry as a whole, improves communication internally and externally, and gets all of our employees speaking the same language and using the same terminology. It has greatly improved our depth of role-specific knowledge.”

Teligistics has carefully monitored performance of their employees’ progress in AOTMP University, and has noted how this “depth of role-specific knowledge” has translated to direct ROI for the organization:

“It’s not a coincidence that since we have started certifying our employees through AOTMP University, the amount of telecom spend we have saved our clients has dramatically increased. Our delivery teams and practitioners have become highly skilled and have honed in on more billing errors and overspend than ever,” Roberts states. “We have also experienced our two best years of sales in the company’s history.”

To date, Teligistics has consistently increased its participation and enrollment in AOTMP University each year. With proven ROI, it has evolved its training program and motivates employees to embrace continuing education and become certified by awarding $1000 for achieving Platinum Certification and $2000 for Master Certification. Currently, the company has certified 7 employees within its organization.

“The Security specialty certification training at AOTMP University was robust and challenging! The content was so good that I had to take pages of notes to keep up with all that I was learning. In turn, it has made me a much better advisor on all things telecom security.”

Derrick McGee, Project Manager, Teligistics

Other noted benefits of AOTMP University include:

  • Increased effectiveness of onboarding program
  • Increased employee retention
  • The competitive advantage of having consultants with a deeper level of industry and role-specific knowledge who are not just focused on software solutions
  • Higher client satisfaction rates
  • Increased confidence and fluency in client-facing positions, including sales and marketing

Teligistics’ culture has not only come to embrace the Efficiency First® Methodology that AOTMP University is built on; it has adopted and integrated this best practice-driven approach into its organization’s business practices and is an Efficiency First® Solution Certified Vendor.

“I came from a totally different industry, and what I learned about the telecom management industry, in addition to how to do my job more effectively, was invaluable. The greatest benefit I received from AOTMP University was hard-hitting questions to ask vendors that will optimize the results for my clients.”

Jeanie Williams, Wireline Help Desk Analyst, Teligistics
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