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SLOs | Carriers Uptime SLA Coverage of Network Service

Q:  What is an SLO?

A:  SLO is an acronym for service level objective. It is similar to a service level agreement (SLA), but contains no performance guarantees or remedies should the performance objective not be met.  SLOs are useful in a vendor-customer relationship when the vendor desires to illustrate a performance target related to the solution or scope of work delivered, but the performance target is not contractually tied to a performance guarantee.

Q: Does a telecom carrier’s uptime SLA cover the network service from end-to-end?

A:  It depends. In cases where the vendor has end-to-end control over the physical plant and systems delivering the service, they may offer a total service uptime guarantee. It is important to review all details and exclusions for SLAs, though, as vendors will typically not extend uptime performance measures to network components, such as last mile connectivity, that are outside of their direct control.

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