Does Telecom Management Really Matter?

Timothy C. Colwell Timothy C. Colwell
SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption

Does Telecom Management Really Matter?

Telecom management means different things to different people. Some believe telecom management is a cost or expense management practice. Others view telecom management as having a technical or break-fix concern. Some even view telecom management as the narrow practice of only managing wireline voice services. In any case, these perceptions are limited, causing many to relegate telecom management to a task-driven back office function with little influence on business results. As is with any business activity, if the value perception isn’t significant, then apathy sets in and business leaders begin to question whether or not the activity matters.

Telecom management is not just about cost takeout or support or voice management. It’s the comprehensive business practice of managing a telecom environment in a manner that delivers service to users and empowers business transactions that fulfill business objectives. Elevating the real and perceived value of telecom management requires understanding of the full scope of the practice.

Telecom management includes: (1) designing and maintaining systems in the telecom environment; (2) service delivery to users; and, (3) business value creation. The traditional business leader view of these components positions service delivery as the primary value proposition for telecom management, while traditional telecom management leaders view design and maintenance as a means to an end for service delivery to users. The glue that binds these perceptions and elevates the value proposition of telecom management is business value creation. Aligning services to drive business results and having business leaders recognize the contribution of services to those objectives is a telecom management game changer that eliminates the question of whether telecom management really matters.

Timothy C. Colwell is a telecom management industry thought leader exploring the impact of technology as a business accelerator and social capital enabler.

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