AOTMP Research – Network Control Executive Interview 2017-12-21T16:25:35+00:00

AOTMP Research – Network Control Executive Interview


Network Control Recertifies with AOTMP, Continues Proving Its Distinctions

Companies that dedicate the time, effort and people to obtaining specialty certifications prove they are serious about matching their claims to their capabilities and, as a result, demonstrating their value to customers. That axiom applies doubly to organizations that pursue and achieve specialty certifications more than once. Enter Network Control, the Iowa-headquartered TEM/WMM services provider that once again is earning AOTMP
Efficiency First® Solution Certification in three focus areas:
• TEM/WMM Managed Services
• Help Desk and Provisioning
• Sourcing, Procurement and Negotiations

Learn more in this AOTMP Research report created for Network Control.