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Telecom Management Services

Make Informed Telecom Management Decisions and Transform Your Telecom Environment

In addition to our main enterprise solutions (Training & Certification, Telecom Management Tools, Performance Scoring & Analytics, and Research & Advisory), AOTMP offers additional telecom management services to meet the needs of your organization.

Quick Start

Hard Discussions… Incredible Results

Over 4 weeks, we work to understand your organization’s objectives, business requirements and current state of your telecom environment to create the roadmap for a Center of Excellence.

High Impact Environment Assessment

Gain Visibility Across Your Fixed and Mobile Telecom Environment

An Environment Assessment is a comprehensive report that identifies inefficiencies and provides a gap analysis against the principles of the Efficiency First® Framework along with prioritized recommendations to improve performance, efficiency, and productivity in the telecom environment to drive business results.

It involves a broad review of the telecom environment that identifies inefficiencies and provides a gap analysis with recommendations tailored to enhance performance, efficiency, productivity and to drive business results. AOTMP evaluates the current telecom environment, including business requirements, capabilities and opportunities as they align to the 30 core activities identified by the Efficiency First® Framework. AOTMP Efficiency First® Experts will determine the gap between the current state and the environment at optimized capacity. Recommendations are made based on the results of the gap analysis.

In an industry that is lacking discipline and structure, AOTMP partners with your organization to drive measurable results aligned to business goals and objectives by utilizing the Efficiency First® Framework methodology.

Baseline and Validation

Drive Your Business Forward By Determining What You Have, Where It Is And How Much It Costs

Any high-performance telecom management environment starts with an accurate baseline to build, measure and report from. The Efficiency First® Services and Contracts Baseline is a current catalog of all contracts, services and invoices, validated to AOTMP standards. Identification, implementation and recovery of cost savings are delivered to your business. KPIs illustrating performance efficiencies with recommendations for improvement are provided.

The Services and Contracts Baseline is established according to the principles of the Efficiency First® Framework methodology and is an essential component of an Efficiency First® Program, which enables our clients to leverage the investment made in their telecom environment to support its business objectives and to provide the basis to sustain the benefits of a structured, efficiently managed telecom environment.

Vendor Selection

Consult With Our Industry Experts To Evaluate Your Existing Telecom Management Vendor /  Solution Or Assist With New Vendor Selection

AOTMP understands what works and what doesn’t work in enterprise telecom environments. AOTMP also understands what vendors can and can’t deliver, and how their customers rate their performance. With this expert knowledge, along with the Efficiency First® Framework as a guideline,  AOTMP helps companies better utilize existing solutions and select new solutions.

More specifically we offer the following:

  • Business Requirements Development
  • Solution Evaluation

New Vendor solution selection includes:

  • RFI / RFP Preparation
  • RFP Management
  • Proposal Analysis & Normalization
  • Contract Review and Negotiations Support

AOTMP also assists with other service and solution evaluation and selection services along with vendor contract negotiations focused on best practice-driven SLA’s, remedies, terms and conditions and more.