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Telecom Management Solutions for Vendors

Vendor Solution Diagnostic and Certification

Validate your solution offering to differentiate yourself in the industry with the Efficiency First® Solution Certified Vendor program. Prove to the market that your solution positively impacts the efficiency of a fixed and mobile environment by displaying this high standard of achievement, and add more value by certifying your telecom management team with AOTMP’s individual certification programs.

Research and Advisory

Use telecom management industry and operations telecom management research including key data, research papers and analyst perspectives to stay informed about the industry and to obtain best practice guidance on telecom management operations, as well as enterprise needs and requirements from fixed and mobile telecom vendors. Advisory services keep you informed of industry trends and product development opportunities while providing expert guidance for your operations teams on how to better align with their enterprise customers both tactically and strategically.

AOTMP University

Take your overall client experience to a new level while differentiating yourself in the market. Start creating the foundation for a Center of Excellence by advancing your team’s skill set, creating a common language and staying up-to-date on the latest industry standards and best practices with fixed and mobile telecom management training. Individual online courses and certification programs provide a quick and flexible learning opportunity.

Telecom Management Tools

Knowledge is power. Equip your sales, marketing, operations, product development and executive teams with the information to drive revenues, increase customer retention and provide more value to your customers while having the information at your fingertips for improved tactical and strategic decision making. Telecom Management Tools provides online access to thousands of guides, templates and additional training tools, bringing client engagement to an entirely new level.

Events and Programs

AOTMP’s annual telecom management conferences and Vendor Summit provide sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities that will put you in front of some of the largest organizations around the globe. Peer-to-peer networking provides partnership opportunities in addition to best practice training, knowledge transfer and the sharing of success stories and case studies.