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AOTMP University for Telecom, Mobility and IT Solution Vendors

AOTMP University’s curriculum is designed to empower your employees with the skill set and industry knowledge they need to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. This improved skill and knowledge will optimize performance results and increase the value to both your clients and your organization.

“Great online learning experience! Easy to use and help is fast if you need it. I would definitely recommend.” — Jeanie Williams, Teligistics

Business Value

Improve market share and reduce customer churn by training your staff to align with the best practices your clients are adopting and utilizing in their environment

  • Demonstrate competitive edge and commitment to customer service excellence in the marketplace
  • Increase return-on-investment from improved employee skill set
  • Increase confidence and fluency for client-facing employees
  • Teach industry knowledge that provides a solid frame of reference for your organization’s solutions and benefits
  • Unify industry terminology and increases efficiency across the organization
  • Improves internal and external customer service

Human Resources Benefits

Organize, standardize and optimize the hiring and training process

  • Leverage coursework to groom ideal candidates with limited telecom experience
  • Add structure and consistency to your organization’s onboarding process
  • Minimize manpower time in onboarding process
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention rates
  • Provide standardization for employee career development
  • Utilize user-friendly dashboards to monitor individual and team training reports


All AOTMP University courses are based on our patented Efficiency First® Framework. The framework is a disciplined and best practice approach for managing a fixed and mobile environment. This Framework is our core methodology and the foundation of all AOTMP Solutions. Enterprises adopt the Framework in their environments and vendors align their solutions to the Framework.