Vendor Testimonials

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Vendor Testimonials

“The ROI we’ve received on our Efficiency First® Certification is easily six times the investment.” – TEM Solution Provider

World’s seventh largest BPO (Business Process Outsourcer) asks AOTMP to validate that its telecom management business processes are aligned to the Efficiency First® Framework.

“We feel it is important to start asking in our telecom and telecom management RFP’s if the vendor has achieved the Efficiency First® Certification credentials and if so what their scores were. Given the scores are largely comprised of direct customer feedback to AOTMP, who is viewed as a 3rd party, we feel it is important to include the question on our RFP’s and have done just that.” –$6 billion global company operating in over 50 countries

Global 100 company selects Efficiency First® Solution Certified vendor for its global telecom management needs.

“Being certified by AOTMP as an Efficiency First® Solution provider and receiving AOTMP’s support and guidance has certainly contributed to our recent successes, which include being awarded a huge contract with a major global manufacturer. Thanks, AOTMP for all your assistance.” – Workflow Software Company

International auto manufacturer uses Efficiency First® Certification credentials as a differentiator in its final selection between two vendors.

major carrier uses Efficiency First® Certification credentials as a statement of quality, excellence and commitment to their customers, shareholders and partners.

A Certified Vendor is awarded a million dollar+ deal in large part due to the vetting process of the Efficiency First® Solution Certification Program. The client, a biopharmaceutical company, stated that they respected the discipline and rigor of the Efficiency First® Process.

“The fact that the performance of Efficiency First® Certified Solution vendors has been vetted by AOTMP says a lot” – Large US retail organization with 2,500+ locations

Certified vendor selects another Efficiency First® Solution Certified vendor as a partner to compliment and scale their solution.

“We’re using AOTMP Advisory to help analyze and apply industry trends that are relevant to our growth strategy. It has helped improve our efficiency as well as expand our business.” – Large International TEM company