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TEM / WMM Vendor Evaluation Services

TMM WMM Vendor Evaluation

Roughly 50% of all enterprises are dissatisfied with their current TEM / WMM vendor and more than half of those are actively seeking a new service provider. These statistics implicate a big disconnect between enterprise telecom and the vendors that serve them.

In many cases, the best approach is NOT to seek out a new TEM / WMM vendor; but to repair the one you currently have. We know that sounds unconventional, but as an information services company that has collected data from enterprise environments all around the globe, AOTMP knows what works and what doesn’t in telecom vendor and enterprise relationships.

A TEM / WMM Solution Evaluation will provide you with accurate feedback that will help you navigate the re-negotiation process and realign your organization’s needs with your vendor’s solutions and services by taking a deeper dive into:

  • Technologies used by TEM / WMM vendor and how it is being leveraged
  • Optimization of contract services, terms, and SLAs
  • Gap analysis of the organization’s requirements vs. vendor solution offerings to determine whether a new vendor may (or may not) be necessary

Do better with what you already have and avoid the pains of searching for, selecting, and implementing new TEM / WMM solutions in your organization.