Thanks to coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re all facing unprecedented challenges and changes where managing technology is concerned. And – while this may be a scary prospect – it’s important to understand that what your telecom, mobility, and IT management practitioners do now can have a dramatic impact on your business tomorrow.

And that goes double for your IT finance team. In most organizations, budgets are being looked at more closely than ever. So, how do you help leadership manage technology and more your organization forward in a cost-efficient manner?

While nobody has all the answers, we’ve put together three tips to help you drive success through these uncertain times.

IT Finance Team Tip #1: Optimize Your Processes

It’s no secret that IT budgets all over the world are being stretched. So, what better time than now to make sure your processes are effective and efficient? By eliminating waste and improving the performance of your processes, you have the potential to not just cut operational costs – but to satisfy workers and elevate the standing of your business!

AOTMP® recommends seeking out new opportunities to automate processes and increase capacity for your technology management experts wherever possible. After all, process optimization isn’t a short-term gain. It’s a long-term investment that helps your team make better decisions, work more efficiently, and more effectively support business continuity and connectivity.

For some organizations, process optimization also means delegating simple IT tasks to employees outside the department. By enabling self-service, end users are given the ability to perform simple troubleshooting and maintenance tasks themselves – accelerating issue resolution while reducing IT’s growing workload.

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IT Finance Team Tip #2: Take Another Look at Your Supply Chain

If you haven’t reviewed your technology partners recently, now’s the time to engage them and explore new opportunities. Even with all the chaos surrounding work today, there’s still potential to improve your supply chain’s performance, increase user satisfaction, and accelerate business enablement if you’re looking hard enough.

As more and more IT finance teams seek supply chain solutions that save money, AOTMP® recommends reevaluating technology management partner options that can provide your team with more support, resources, and/or manpower moving forward.

Increasing your headcount to expand telecom, mobility, and IT management expertise can be a challenging argument to make – especially in today’s uncertain business climate. So, seek outside support that’s not only budget-friendly but capable of helping you achieve strategic technology goals as soon as possible.

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IT Finance Team Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Admit You Don’t Know

Nobody has all the answers – or knows what’s coming next – as COVID-19 fundamentally changes how technology management is executed. While we’re sure exciting, new solutions and technologies will be built, there’s also a massive level of uncertainty where your budget is concerned.

If you’re not sure what to do or where to go next, AOTMP® recommends reaching out to a peer or industry analyst for help. Beyond the additional expertise that may have already solved similar problems, an outsider’s perspective may be better positioned to find issues you can’t see. Sometimes, you’re too close to gaps and buried too deep in the environment every day to accurately understand what’s going wrong.

Many of these outside experts also have longstanding relationships with other telecom, mobility, and IT management industry leaders. So, they may have solutions you haven’t thought of that work better or are more affordable than the options you’re currently considering.

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Why We Want to Help

For nearly two decades, AOTMP® has helped enterprises and vendors elevate their telecom, mobility, and IT management skills. Regardless of what happens next with coronavirus, we’re here to help you satisfy technology demands, overcome your most serious management challenges, and support your employees as they inspire success and innovation from outside the office.

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