Your organization can succeed in any number of ways. However, building products, keeping customers more loyal and satisfied, or creating more affordable solutions than your competition won’t help you sustain it. There’s only one thing that can: professional development.

That said, employee education and training can be a scary concept. Many businesses fail to embrace, prioritize, and invest in professional development because there’s no way to predict where it will have the greatest impact until it’s implemented. Add in the time constraints and growing desires for immediate results that most of today’s leaders face, and it becomes clear to see why many fail to take advantage of training’s full potential.

While professional learning experiences can sometimes be a tradeoff for tomorrow’s ROI-focused investment, it’s important to remember that your people – not your products, your services, or your share price – are your company at the end of the day. It’s no coincidence that the most successful organizations are the ones that commit to individual support, success, and growth.

And, thanks to Millennial workers, this trend isn’t changing anytime soon…

If you’re struggling to make professional development a priority where you work, sit back, relax, and take a deep breath. Here are three secrets that can help you unlock long-term business success!

Professional Development Secret #1: Talk About Training

As new technologies penetrate the telecom, mobility, and IT management environment, training has become an essential element to keep pace with the fervor of development. Now more than ever, standardized training and certification is considered a necessity because it’s the best way to ensure competency and operational excellence across a variety of roles and professionals.

But this goes far beyond entry-level employees. Most of today’s leaders and senior professionals could use education to learn the ins and outs of your offering – or to more quickly acclimate new hires to your company culture and values. Once learning is a core tenant of your culture, education and training never truly stops.

Fortunately for you, there’s never been more resources available to make this happen. Books, seminars, instructor-led classes, and e-learning courses are just a small sample of the tools you can use to ensure ongoing enterprise success.

Professional Development Secret #2: Leadership is a Lost Art

Today’s managers, directors, and executives are overburdened. And this workload is taking its toll on everyone. Employees are much less likely to learn new knowledge and skills as a result of it being passed along through coaching and mentoring than they were years ago.

For some, this role may seem intimidating to fulfill – especially for new leaders that have little experience. However, your success depends on it. Employees demand more than just marching orders. They need support, incentivized learning, and to feel like they’re making meaningful progress if you hope to keep them around for the long haul.

Making this happen doesn’t have to be hard, expense, or overly time-consuming either. By intentionally making it a point to ask career-focused questions regularly, employees can reflect on their needs and accomplishments in a way that confirms their leaders truly care.

Professional Development Secret #3: Evolve Your Ecosystem

Your business isn’t static – in many ways, in fact, it functions as a living, breathing, and changing environment. Departments and processes are delicately balanced to promote growth. And – like in nature – the smartest and most adaptable entities are the most likely to survive.

Unfortunately, success in the business usually isn’t achieved naturally. It takes work and cross-departmental relationships to become reality. As technology breaks down traditional barriers and siloes at a breakneck pace, your teams will rely on each other to succeed today more than ever before.

And cross-departmental training can help. While no one is likely to make a career change, this emphasis does make it possible for everyone to see and understand how their work impacts the organization as a whole. In best-case scenarios, this tactic can even teach people new things that make them better daily performers!

Regardless of your company’s size, industry, or expertise, your best investment is in people. For almost 20 years, AOTMP® has helped telecom, mobility, and IT management professionals learn new skills and grow their careers. Now it’s your turn.

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