Three telecom, mobility, and IT leaders – a technology leader, an operations leader, and a finance leader – walk into a meeting to present their accomplishments to various line-of-business leaders. The technology leader tells the business leaders about all the cutting-edge technology projects both completed and in-flight. The operations leader shares insights on process waste elimination and efficiencies gained. The finance leader speaks about successful cost takeout projects and planned budget alignments for the upcoming fiscal year.

The triad finishes their presentations poised for a few questions and praise from the audience on their accomplishments. And then the questions flow. How does a virtualized network improve my sales numbers? Why does it take so long to approve a smartphone upgrade? Why are my technology expense increasing year-over-year? Shaking their heads, the three telecom, mobility, and IT leaders leave the meeting mumbling that the business leaders just don’t get it. And, they were right. The business leaders do not understand the value delivered against their respective business interests.

The lesson to this story is simple. While technology is a powerful business enabler and business accelerator that requires robust technical, operational, and financial management discipline, the business is only concerned with the effect technology has on business results – not about the business of managing the technology. When technology leaders share business impact results ahead of the actions taken to achieve the results, business leaders will ‘get it’ and praise the value of telecom, mobility, and IT management.

technology leadersHowever, no two businesses are created equal – and technology leaders may find it more difficult than they expect to report the business value of their devices. Check out AOTMP® University’s Center of Excellence: Reporting Value & Business Results to the Business Course today to see how you can walk into your next meeting with confidence!

About the Author: Timothy C. Colwell

Timothy C. Colwell