Turning IoT Challenges Into Opportunities for Telecom Managed Service Providers

Christine Kruze  Christine Kruze
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Turning IoT Challenges Into Opportunities for Telecom Managed Service Providers

An upsurge of data services spending to support the rapid growth of the IoT has proven to be a driving force in determining where the real managed services opportunities are within the larger picture of the IoT. This increase in spending shows that enterprises are working diligently to partner with vendors to create, integrate and manage their IoT deployments. Let’s take a look at just a few of the specific challenges that managed service providers might need to understand in order to provide their enterprise clients with best-in-class support.

  • It is projected that the world’s data use will rise exponentially in the next several years with a significant percentage of that data coming from the billions of IoT devices in use by that time. Data collection/storage/analysis will continue to be a concern as the IoT gains momentum. Being able to manage this huge amount of data will mean that enterprises will need to change their processes and make significant investments in upgraded technology.
  • Due to the accelerated pace of IoT deployments, there have not been many standard protocols put in place to manage this huge influx of data; much of which will be delivered in a variety of formats. A managed service provider will need to understand the various available protocols (i.e. CoAP, MQTT, LWM2M) for a specific type of solution, (i.e. device-to-device, device-to-server). Knowing how the deployment will interface with your client’s current and future telecom/IT resources, will be important to becoming a critical strategic partner with your enterprise clients.
  • Big data, (a term that was coined at NASA in 1997 to describe large/complex data that slows traditional processing due to a variety of concerns like data sharing, search parameters, data storage, updating and security protocols) can now more correctly be described as a variety of new types of data and data-management tools that have come together as IT, telecom and enterprise have merged. It is incumbent on managed service providers to be able to provide the expertise to integrate the appropriate solution for their customer, whether it is a FOG computing solution to scrub data prior to having it enter the cloud or if it is a stream processing solution to provide real-time analytics.
  • Simply having a collection of data doesn’t mean that the data is a useful tool to an enterprise. There will need to be significant investments made in the analytics engines enterprises use to turn that raw data into useable information within the scope of their own business needs. The use of predictive analytics will become more and more necessary as additional IoT devices are deployed in the world; not only to drive marketing trends or understand customer behavior patterns, but to provide valuable access to real-time data whether it’s for medical technology or predicting failure rates in manufacturing.
  • An example of critical performance requirements would be reflected in recent use of IoT sensors crucial to advancing voice-interaction technology. The need for a necessarily responsive UX design to accommodate multi-location and various ambient noise differentials, creates a big data optimization projection that promotes the combination of analytics and real-time ML plugged into millions of data points for each user.

In the ever-expanding world of IoT, there is an immediate need for managed service providers to understand the variety of solutions and protocols that will be utilized by their enterprise clients. By working with enterprise telecom teams to manage copious amounts of data and perform the necessary analytics to access relevant data, truly full-service managed service providers will be able to differentiate themselves in the market.

Christine Kruze is a telecom management industry thought leader exploring the impact of technology as a business accelerator and social capital enabler. Learn more about expert services to transform your telecom environment.

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