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Differentiate Your Company with Vendor Solution Diagnostic and Certification

Gain knowledge and understanding of how your telecom / IT solutions impact enterprise business results and lead to market share and revenue growth opportunities.

The Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Diagnostic and Certification Program identifies and certifies capabilities that have been proven to positively impact enterprise fixed and mobile telecom environments and enterprise telecom management practices; and this objective evaluation also assists your organization in aligning with the Efficiency First® Framework.

Align your business capabilities to the Efficiency First® Framework to gain knowledge and a better understanding of how products and services impact enterprise business results and lead to market share and revenue growth opportunities.

Vendor Success Stories

International auto manufacturer uses Efficiency First® Certification credentials as a differentiator in their final selection between two vendors.
Success Story
Large global company with nearly $500 million in telecom spend asks their vendor to be Efficiency First® Solution Certified.
Success Story
Global 100 company selects Efficiency First® Solution Certified vendor for their global telecom management needs.
Success Story
Northeast Regional Banking Group selects Efficiency First® Certified Vendor for their telecom expense management needs.
Success Story
“The fact that the performance of Efficiency First® Certified Solution vendors has been vetted by AOTMP says a lot” – large US retail organization with 2,500+ locations.
Success Story
“Being certified by AOTMP as an Efficiency First® Solution provider and receiving AOTMP’s support and guidance have certainly contributed to our recent successes, which include being awarded a huge contract with a major global manufacturer. Thanks, AOTMP for all your assistance.” – Efficiency First® Solution Certified Vendor
Success Story


  • Assessment and evaluation of products, SLAs, client experience, reporting and dashboards, business value and services
  • Gap analysis against the principles of the Efficiency First® Framework
  • Recommendations prioritized by level of effort, risk, cost to implement and benefit
  • Recommendations are aligned with the principles of the Efficiency First® Framework
  • Certification score rated against a standardized scale of performance is provided
  • Dedicated program management team
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Certification, if achieved, is valid for two years

Solution Diagnostic and Certification Benefits


  • Increase market share by becoming Efficiency First® Solution Certified
  • Align to accepted industry best practices
  • Identify and close critical performance gaps
  • Validate performance with a trusted leader respected in the telecom management industry
  • Demonstrate measurable value that will help with renewals and upsells


  • Optimize solution performance aligned with business requirements
  • Vendor relationship performance alignment
  • Business relationship alignment with tactical and strategic business initiatives
  • Alignment with technical, financial, and operational performance principles established by the Efficiency First® Framework

The Foundation: Efficiency First® Ecosystem

telecom management ecosystemThe Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Diagnostic and Certification Program is designed for vendors who want to take their clients’ telecom environment to a new level of performance and efficiency. Vendor performance directly affects enterprise efficiency as measured within the Efficiency First® Framework. Draw a direct line between your solution and driving your clients’ business results.