While an Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) technology model may look different from one place to the next, its ability to deliver transformative business results is far from unique.

In fact, XaaS is helping CIOs and other tech-minded leaders perform entirely new roles. Through a combination of agile and DevOps principles, these professionals can deploy cutting-edge technology services more rapidly than ever before.

The minimally viable products, automation properties, and design thinking that makes XaaS so popular has revolutionized these positions. By establishing these professionals as new-age technology brokers, XaaS helps them partner with their business to find ideal solutions that don’t need to be built from scratch.

Beyond delivering the expertise and strategies of industry leaders, there’s a list of reasons XaaS continues to grow in popularity – which is why through 2022 it’s expected to grow by more than $105 billion.

What the Market Wants

Technology management teams and businesses are increasingly demanding subscription-based solutions to eliminate hardware and infrastructure investments, sizeable upfront capital expenditures, and the need to hire IT administrators for the sole purpose of managing and regularly replacing equipment.

Under a XaaS-driven model, businesses no longer need to consider depreciation or IT labor costs because they gain access to advanced systems managed and maintained by subject-matter experts. That means a more focused technology management where core competencies and strategic organizational objectives are concerned.

But that’s not all. These solutions deliver added configurability, enabling them to more effectively satisfy your unique business requirements, accelerate implementation times for new business processes, and increase enterprise consumption of IT services.

Most importantly, XaaS frees your employees from the technology-as-a-cost-center stigma to deliver a functional operating models that drives digital business forward and builds a foundation for new revenue streams. No wonder over 70% of today’s large companies say XaaS makes up most of their current IT initiative…

Three Tips for Getting Started with XaaS

If you’re brand new to XaaS, you should know these solutions aren’t always easy to deploy – they can require careful planning and strict service-level agreements to work. As you implement XaaS, keep these three things in mind:

Pick the Right Partner

As time goes on, fewer and fewer tech management teams have the resources required to build scalable platforms that solve your most pressing business challenges. A XaaS partner, on the other hand, is capable of delivering these solutions – giving your team reliable expertise, security, and talent to move progress forward.

Restrict Spending

While this model eliminates capital expenditures and long-term maintenance costs, it’s important to know XaaS isn’t always your cheapest option. These solutions can be difficult to plan and budget for – and a number of organizations that fail to plan accordingly end up spending more than they originally planned to.

Consider Cloud Data

With today’s ever-changing data privacy landscape, it’s never been more important to think about what information you’re sharing with any potential partners. Are they capable of protecting your information? Do they prioritize your data protections? Thanks to regulations like GDPR and CCPA, you’re left on the hook if your partner is responsible for any leaks…

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