Why Your Telecom Procurement Model Should Support More Than The End-User

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Often while enhancing telecom end user support models, we tend to focus on one aspect of experience – the end-user. While the device end user is a very crucial aspect of a telecom environment, it isn’t the only customer to consider.

As a Program Director for AOTMP, I ran across an interesting observation in a recent client environment assessment. This particular organization had absolutely no support geared toward the ‘approvers’ within the environment’s procurement process. These management-level employees were being asked to review and approve/deny hundreds to thousands of telecom orders for their staff each year, yet they didn’t have any guidelines, training or support system to assist them with making the best decision for each individual end-user or the organization as a whole.

In this environment, when an approver has a question and calls the help desk… there’s absolutely no consistent or documented support to help that manager make an informed decision. Therefore, most of the approvers who run into questions refer their questions to peer support. Oftentimes, the answers from the peer is inconsistent and not in line with company’s desired direction. As a result, this environment is plagued with inconsistent output due to lack of best practices related to ordering procedures.

Let’s hone in on the impact this example scenario has on any telecom environment. An authorized approver in the procurement process makes the world turn! They control the volume of orders that will soon be processed, the future telecom spend associated with these orders, and end-user satisfaction levels. If an approver elects to allow an end-user to have an unauthorized device (either knowingly or unknowingly), the impact on the environment impact could be tremendous. On the flip side, if an approver wrongfully or inconsistently denies end-users an appropriate device, business productivity could be impacted. Obviously, no company would want to experience either one of these outcomes from their telecom procurement procedures; yet so many are not properly structured with support mechanisms for the approver role.

The experts at AOTMP can help address this issue for your organization by finding current and future gaps within the initiatives you currently have or are planning to implement in the future.

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