Anne-Louise Bee

Career Choices

I chose tech because I wanted to be part of an industry that is always working at 1,000 miles an hour! Innovation is exciting to me, and I also have a strong vision to champion women in tech.

Professional Interests & Drive

My passion is collaboration between amazing teams. The skills and vision of development teams astound me. I love to be part of innovating projects.

Mentors & Influencers

Ranjit Bahia! My boss!

He sets the benchmark for our business and my career…. The bar is set high, and as soon as I’m close, we reevaluate and set higher goals. I love his drive and ambition coupled with his genuine desire to have powerful women around him. Gender equality is important to Ranj, I’m a very true example of this.

Mentorship Value

Mentorship is hugely important. To have a mentor enables you to strive for something real. Equality is talked about a lot, but a mentor is living proof of what can be achieved. If you have drive and ambition, along with the right mentor, that’s a winning combination right there!

Admired Leaders & Trailblazers

There are quite a few to be honest, one that stands out is Julia Grace! She works at Netflix as the VP of product engineering. She has also worked for Apple, Slack, and Tindie. She started programming at age 12 on a super old Commodore64! She is an inspiration as she has defied all odds and worked her way to an executive level within tech.

Advancing Gender Parity

Drive, strive, never give up. Don’t be scared to have a voice, good companies will listen, believe that your input is worthy.

Leading the Next Generation

Companies need to allow everyone to have a voice. Give people the opportunity to shine, no one’s asking for the best person not to get the job, they are asking for an equal platform to demonstrate their skills. Another challenge may be male counterparts taking you seriously. I’m lucky enough to work within a c-suite of hugely supportive male colleagues. However, this isn’t always the case.

About Anne-Louise Bee

Born in Leicestershire, England, Anne-Louise was one of the first team members to join Cyferd with 14 years of executive experience running her own business. As the chief operating officer of the company, Anne-Louise works closely with the leadership team to ensure the smooth running of the business, as well as fostering a positive and encouraging environment in which to grow. When Anne-Louise is not being active in her spare time she enjoys visiting new places and understanding varied cultures.

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