I chose the technology industry for my career because I am drawn to innovation and efficiency. I truly enjoy being presented with a new set of challenges each day that I get to solve alongside the smartest people I know. I love to learn new things and know that I will be a lifelong student in this career.


As a technology professional, my passion is to prepare the Telecommunications Industry for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Blockchain has the ability to transform business processes, eliminate delays, and alleviate points of friction in the current environment. Our clients have a critical role to play in enabling the interoperability of networks to facilitate the global economy and power the 4th Industrial Revolution, and my goal is to help them lead the way.


I have had many mentors that each helped me in their own unique way. My CEO models leadership by truly valuing and caring for our employees. She has taught me the art of breaking down extremely complex issues into actionable steps. My President, with all his wisdom and experience, is one of the most humble people I know. He is a champion for women in technology, with over 70% of our team being women. Over the past 15 years of watching them both lead, they have taught me that no matter how hard it gets, we just have to show up and do the next right thing.


Mentorship is an incredibly powerful thing. Mentors give you a judgement free space to ask questions and build a knowledge base to help you excel in your career.


Definitely my Mom, she was the first woman to graduate from the IBM Customer Engineering Program in 1972.


Be prepared to never stop learning, be doggedly persistent, and savor the moment when you realize you’ve solved a complex problem (before you’re onto the next)!

About April Taylor

April Taylor serves as the Senior Vice President of Blockchain for Sage Management and has over 20 years of telecom experience. As SVP of Blockchain, April develops real time rated ordering with optimal pricing feedback and smart contracts for blockchain. She is a subject matter expert on telecommunications business processes, ordering, billing, network inventory, contracts, and blockchain. April double majored in Finance and Accounting at Virginia Tech and started her career as a Systems Analyst for the Department of Defense. She has successfully identified and negotiated over $330M in telecommunications disputes and has implemented blockchain solutions for global telecommunications carriers.

Achievements & Recognition

  • Blockchain Ambassador, MEF
  • Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets Certification, The Wharton School
  • Member, Government Blockchain Association

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