Career Choices

I was brought on at Equinix to drive innovation to the sales organization. I am currently leading several projects to:

  • Increase operational efficiency via internal platforms and applications (Salesforce, Clari, etc.).
  • Drive inclusion for Women in Technology Sales via mentoring women and increasing women at Equinix.
  • Advocate for Working Moms via leading our Working Moms committee via our internal Women’s Network.
  • Lead Community Outreach initiatives to make an impact in DFW through Equinix volunteer workshops and community impact events.
  • Sits as a Stakeholder for Equinix BlackConnect to drive DNI initiatives as a voice for black employees.
  • Establish an interconnected community and ecosystem in Dallas for Women of Color and People of Color via outreach to relevant technology providers, solution providers, technology resellers, customers, and alliance partners to create a safe space for Diversity and Inclusion in the technology space.
  • Mentor kids interested in STEM-oriented careers via organizations such as GirlUp, Girl Scouts, Cafe Momentum, and Boys and Girls Club.

Professional Interests & Drive

I believe that technology is a radical space for creating positive change. It is the wild wild west that allows us to create a better world and provide the world with access to resources tomorrow that they did not have access to today. Whether via creating new platforms, ecosystems, interconnections, or new worlds for people to access or providing jobs to first generation young professionals looking to accrue generational wealth. Technology is a space the creates a level playing field for all regardless of color, creed, or orientation.

Mentors & Influencers

Pamela Osborne has opened so many doors for me and championed me into places I could have never gone on my own. When a door closed for me, she opened a window or bulldozed a new trail for me to follow – and then encouraged me to blaze my own new path and take as many people with me as possible.

As a Woman of Color in Technology, Pamela taught me that you had to have advocates in your network who both look like you and look nothing like you. She pushed that you are only as good as your work ethic and people you know and keep in touch with. These lessons pushed me to never settle or become comfortable – which allowed me to focus on constantly elevating myself.

Her selflessness has made me a better leader, mentor, mentee, champion, and innovator. It’s difficult to keep up with how much good that she puts out into the world. But I have found that the more good I put out into the world, the more positivity I see echoing back into my life and others around me.

Mentorship Value

In addition to advancing and advocating first generation young professionals and people of color into leadership positions, uplifting and mentoring women is a top priority of mine as a female leader in technology.

The world is becoming more and more diverse and inclusive. As women climb into leadership positions in high tech, we as a society, are feeling their impact in all that they do. Women are now buyers, solution makers, architects, developers, executives, and business line leaders. As such, it is critical that women elevate in all areas of business. Why? Because our opinions matter. Businesses that do not have more women at the table making decisions will miss out on the opportunity to drive revenue, influence decisions, and understand the needs of other women in various markets.

This access to these opportunities provides an opportunity for advancement in equity and inclusion that creates generational wealth and access to financial security for women of all backgrounds.

Admired Leaders & Trailblazers

Kimberly Bryant – I LOVE Black Girls Code. Introducing young women to coding provides a skillset that will ALWAYS be relevant and garner revenue. For many of these young girls, adding this skill to their quiver provides lifelong job security.

Boozma Saint John – I sat on a panel with Boozma and attended an ELC event with her, and she is an inspiration. I appreciate how she encourages women to talk about finances to ensure pay equity and how she makes space for others in every room she enters. Her joining Netflix at the c suite was an inspiration for so many women looking to be “the first” but certainly not the last at the respective companies we represent.

Advancing Gender Parity

A career in technology makes it easier to bust through the glass ceiling. This is often due the fact that a career in technology focuses on technical aptitude and technical acumen. Focus on these two areas via acquiring technical certifications and expertise to level the playing field.

Establish a solid mentor, champion, advocate network, and sponsor network. Decisions are often made in rooms that you will not be in. If you have a rich diverse network of men and women who do and do not look like you to influence those discussions, you can elevate your career greater than sheer grit and production.

Invest in your career and know your worth in the marketplace. When you are willing to invest in your career and understand what that worth translates to, it makes it nearly impossible for someone to undervalue your worth.

Leading the Next Generation

Sharing the load. We are ALL responsible for creating a world that we are proud of – both as it relates to technology and society. This requires everyone understanding their part. For some people that means acknowledging privilege, for others that requires upskilling, speaking up, and advocacy. There are people who need to listen with intent, and some who need to strategize less and execute more. We all have a part in this, and at the end of the day we all care about making the world the best place possible for those we care about. If we look to see the humanity in people and learn to communicate in a way that is less combative, it makes it easier to see the humanity in others. We have more in common than we often like to admit; when we give others the benefit of the doubt and work toward the greater good, we bring out the best in humanity. Technology CAN enhance society. In order for this to take place, we need to reintroduce the soul and the best of humanity back into the tech space.

About Danielle Barnett

Danielle is an advocate of bold ideas, a conduit for transformative thinking, and a “we” oriented leader. She has spent over 10 years in the high tech, digital transformation, and the Saas and infrastructure industries leading teams, driving revenue, and sparking innovation at ADP, Salesforce, AT&T, and Equinix.

In the last 5 years Danielle is proud to have helped roll out Salesforce to over 6,000 users at AT&T (Salesforce’s largest deployment), helped design Fiber networks for SLED organizations, implemented software platforms, and now leads a sales organization at Equinix while also sitting on the board for Cafe Momentum.

Achievements & Recognition

  • Black Engineer of the Year Award – Modern Day Technology Leader AT&T Service Excellence Award
  • Top 2% of Talent WOC Cohort Leader
  • Salesforce 201 Admin Certification

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